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  1. Yeah. Still totally broken. Now I can put a car in, but when I remove it, all I get is a car. And absolutely no cookies. *runs* *hides* (kidding, worked like a charm. thanks for this, you're the best!)
  2. Sent :) ... but I forgot to put in the email our Epoch version and etc. as I have not had nearly enough coffee yet. So Epoch, map is Altis. Thanks!
  3. Actually I might have had a breakthrough. I'll report back after the next restart. - Update - Nope nevermind still not working lol. I tried the... _playerUID = getPlayerUID (playableUnits select 0); [format["EPOCH_vgsOwnedVehs_%1", _playerUID], _playerUID, []] call EPOCH_fnc_server_hiveSET; ...thing, which did end up generating a database entry for self, and other effected players. Although it didn't look quite right. Instead of the normal... [[[],[],[],[],[]],[[],[],[],[],[]]] like other people had, we just had []. Thought maybe it would work after restart, but no. Then I thought I could manually edit the database entry with the correct slot thingies, and then restart, but alas...still no. Now it all looks fine, but we still can't get it to load lol.
  4. I'm having the same issue and I'd be totally fine with it xD Only a handful of us aren't able to use it, but would obviously like to be able to get everybody sorted.
  5. ^ Same problem actually, some people (self included) are unable to get the garage to load (stuck on "Loading...") It IS working for other people without incident, just not sure what they're doing right and those others of us aren't lol. Thanks for all your hard work on this!
  6. Yeah, I'm using infiSTAR unfortunately, not really sure on what the differences might be, or why it wouldn't be working with stock AH. :( Sorry.
  7. ^ Same. Would also like to know this. I've been working on getting this damn rain to stop for weeks now, and all of nothing I've tried has worked lol.
  8. Having an issue with vehicle locks... I adjusted the "vehicleLockTime" in the epochconfig to make it a little longer, and my understanding is that this controls when a vehicle unlocks, but for some reason people are all able to unlock eachother's vehicles... meaning, cars purchased by people outside your group, you can just walk up, hit "unlock" and open... I assume this is not normal? Any idea how to stop this from happening? Thank in advance.
  9. I'd also like to know how to change this. Have tried various different settings none of which seem to have any effect.
  10. This is probably going to sound a little weird, but is it possible that something in infiSTAR's BE filters could cause this? I did some experimenting with it on my test server. I first tried with infiSTAR and as suspected the loot despawns pretty much immediately. Then I removed infiSTAR, and with infiSTAR gone, the loot showed up and stayed at crash sites. Then-then, I re-installed infiSTAR, but I forgot to add infiSTAR's BE filters, and lo... with the default epoch BE filters... loot showed up and stayed at crash sites even with infiSTAR installed. This got me curious, so I tried it three times. With infiSTAR BE filters - No loot. With Epoch BE filters - Loot. I don't really know enough about BE filters to understand the correlation there, so this makes no sense to me whatsoever lol. Is that even a thing they can do? I had thought BE filters were mostly for policing player actions? Maybe it was just a coincidence... but if so, it was a repeatable one, so it seemed worth mentioning.
  11. Quick question just to clarify, on an earlier post you told someone to change the "allowDamage" line of their BE filters to... but in the install instructions is says to change "playableunits"... Just want to confirm this IS supposed to go on "playableunits" not on "allowDamage"? I'm getting some weird script spamming after installing.
  12. One more quick question, re; the BE filters... Line 35 of my Scripts.txt is "7 setViewDistance", which I feel like is probably not where that's meant to go lol. Line 36 is "7 createGroup", and I notice you told someone previously it should be on "7 createUnit" - Just wanted to confirm which is the correct place for this, Group or Unit?
  13. Having the same issue as Blue, which seems to have started after installing infiSTAR. Prior to that it was running great. Now the loot piles are despawning pretty quickly, happened once while I was looting them about 15 minutes after the server restarted, just *poof* gone. xD Is there something else that I need to do to get this to work with infiSTAR?
  14. Scripts.log getting spammed with this... waitUntil{alive player}; execVM "mpmissions\__CUR_MP.altis\addons\messages\HALV_studybodylo" 31.08.2015 10:56:48: (((REMOVED PLAYER ID))) - #79 "LV_studyaction = -1; }; sleep 2; }; ...about once per second. Any idea how to stop this? Would really like to be able to keep the study body option.
  15. I have tried multiple different settings in the description.ext to solve this, but none have been effective. Currently I have it set as... corpseManagerMode = 0; corpseLimit = 50; corpseRemovalMinTime = 1800; corpseRemovalMaxTime = 3600;But bodies are still disappearing in roughly 5 mins. Which is not really enough time for people to make it back to them in a lot of cases. It does this regardless of what I set corpse manager too, corpse limit, or the removal time. To be clear, these people are not logging out. They've respawned immediately after dying, but they get there and the bodies are gone. Any help would be greatly appreciated :) thanks muchly.
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