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  1. Would it be possible to switch back the weight of the cinder blocks to be where they were before You can only carry 6 on your inventory with the best gear in the game they weight as much as 1 satchel charge. If anything make the half cinder block weight as much as 1 satchel charge and not the other way around. Please consider gameplay over realism in this issue. Thank you,
  2. I've been able to destroy some cinder walls glitched into the ground (altis heightmap). Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't. For example, one cinder door which was glitched inside a building the white warehouse we spent 32 charge and nothing was done to the door. Usually that building takes one or two charges to takedown and it stood up. I've noticed that if you are experiencing server lag the satchel charges will usually do less damage than when it's running flawlessly. My best advices if you don't want to be raided is build a floating base above water with elevators inside, cinder roof and tons of divisions so they cannot land a chopper on top or tow a vehicle inside. I've built a couple of those and no one even bothered to try to raid us in a few weeks. Another thing would be to enter the armory and test which building are indestructible. The white warehouse with a bunch of doors and rooms inside is indestructible, the hospital in kavala is indestructible, the hotel is indestructible, etc. Once you've found a suitable building then put a ton of cinder door and glitch them inside the indestructible building. Then you are pretty much safe from anything.
  3. Moon door is very good when people are camping the main entrances and it's usually hard for them to aim up high. Although it's very scary in a pvp I almost had an heart attack thinking I was going to fall down shooting down with a machine gun. Another cool thing with that design is we can paradrop from the top of the sniper tower! Server limit is set to 300, the base has about 296 objects last time I paid the maintenance.
  4. Yes pretty much. You'll have nice tidy floors after that!
  5. Here is our latest base design 80 meter high sniper tower.
  6. You need two floors stacked about halfway through of each others before you can snap properly the ghost floor that you want snapped. This way it doesn't fall to the ground and you don't need divisions or foundations. Then rinse and repeat and move those two floors around in free mode, stack em on top of each others then build the other parts. This is a great way to build perfectly snapped floors started from a set of stairs unlike divisions that make a bunch of gaps when you use them. Sometimes it will work with only one floor but you can't go wrong with two.
  7. Id like 2 new types of storage -Personal Safe from Arma 2 with lockable combination. -Team Storage container that would either be some kind of a ship storage container or a vault. All lockable devices should be unlockable, packable and or available for removal after 7 days of no interaction and remain there for another 7 days.
  8. Base building is bad with the new physics 1.44 updates. I died literally 10 times in less than 3 hours because the snapping mode has gone terribly wrong. It's weird but it feel's like something is pushing down onto the objects from above and it weight a few tons. If you have built a roof and try to put an already built wall in between two floors it will snap all over the place and then fall down to gravity once its put into place or smash you in the face. The only way to get it in is build a new one with the invisible mode. My suggestion would be to press the 4 button on the keyboard to have a freemode invisible build mode. 1: snapping mode 2: free mode 3: rotation 4: invisible free mode 5: invisible snapping free mode
  9. I checked last night and it's 3000 kryptos for the 15th slot. As for the new player it depends on who end up in our comms.
  10. I've gained about 10 fps since the last update client side.
  11. Well there is 7.62 and other weapon grades. In the meantime I found 6 m107, a couple lrr and other rifles about the same grade.
  12. I think if this is implemented this could get problematic for storage with larger groups. It will end with many more small bases around the map further reducing the loot spawning with their frequency jammers. The only way around I could see is larger storage options such as storage containers, safes or new types of shelves that could be built within the frequency jammer range and having more storage room. In the end, it would most likely help reduce the load toward the world object limit.
  13. Is the DLC weapons spawn rate too low in the loot table? Found one gun with 8 players looting airfield for 6 hours.
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