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  1. wait.... never mind, im an idiot, i forgot to put the key on the server :blink:
  2. ok, so i have loaded it into the server, BE filters set, so dont get kicked, i am running epoch.Altis Steps Followed: 1 de-pboed 2 made init file pasted this from Zed: if (isServer) then { fn_getBuildingstospawnLoot = compile preProcessFileLineNumbers "custom\LSpawner\fn_LSgetBuildingstospawnLoot.sqf"; LSdeleter = compile preProcessFileLineNumbers "custom\LSpawner\LSdeleter.sqf"; execVM "custom\LSpawner\Lootspawner.sqf"; }; 3 re-pboed and loaded back on the server Started everything up. Mission starts, but no loot on the ground or anything RPT shows this followed by this spammed for a full minute and then it stops any help would be great
  3. tried it all with a fresh install... with the Filters, and the welcome message as the only thing in the init... still not working
  4. Ok, i have tried this script out, i have added it to the server, but no welcome messages show up, no sounds show, and not a single error coming up in the logs, i have added the BE scripts, so we dont get kicked, it just does not work at all here is my Init.sqf if (isServer) then { [] execVM "Custom\Welcome.sqf"; [] execVM "Custom\safe_zone.sqf"; [] execVM "Custom\addATMs.sqf"; [] execVM "wai\remote.sqf"; [] execVM "Custom\Menu\scripts\fn_statusBar.sqf"; }; the welcome sqf is a straight copy and paste, have not made changes to it yet Here is my Desc.ext wreckManagerMode = 1; wreckLimit = 2; wreckRemovalMinTime = 60; wreckRemovalMaxTime = 360; class CfgRemoteExecCommands {}; class CfgSounds { sounds[] = {}; class Intro { name = "Intro"; sound[] = {"\sounds\IntroSong.ogg", 1, 1}; titles[] = {}; }; class RscTitles { }; }; Can anyone help me out here?
  5. so.... this wasnt actually my fault.... it was vilayer
  6. Hey all, So here is the problem Running Overpoch, on a Vilayer server. Have an issue where items are not updating in the database. Some examples: 1. Vehicles moved during a server session will rubber band back to where they were originally after a server reset, bought vehicles appear back at the traders, locations and inventories do not update in the database at all during a session. 2. Items placed any kind of inventory during a server session will disappear after a server reset except the players inventory. 3. Vehicles repaired or damaged during a server session will revert back to their prior condition after a server reset. 4: i have the had the SQL database open while placing a safe and the safe itself appears in the database but no items appear in the database (database auto refresh every 5 sec, waited 45mins) 5. Also getting that stupid load screen glitch every time the server restarts (hear everything but load screen stays up) I have wiped the server and reinstalled everything twice already Any help or ideas of where to look and what to look for would be greatly appreciated. this is a list of everything i am running Dayz Epoch Dayz Overwatch 0.2.5 plot 4 life (this works) [working] build vectors (holy crap it works!!!) [working] Snap pro (works great, except when it snaps 1 degree off of other objects which is annoying) [working] WICKED AI 2.1.4 (added overwatch weapons to the AI) [working] LOGISTIC - TOW / LIFT (removed a ton of vehicles from the lists as i didnt want people towing osprey's with mozzies...) [working] Vehicle Godmode in Plotpoles & Safezones & Everywhere Locked 2.0 (only put in for safezones) [working] 3.0 Door Management - No More Codes (does not seem to work, interface shows up but dont have rights to manage and eyescan fails) [NOT working] Fixed Kill/Death Messages (ill probably undo this, it doesnt seem to do anything) [NOT working] Single Currency 3.0 & Storage DEFAULT HIVE (No global banking). [working] Arma & Overpoch Clothing 3.0 Updated. [working] Remove/Change Trading Animations (for faster trading) [installed but doesnt do anything] [NOT working] custom overpoch loot [working] Safe Zones [working] Custom Traders [working] Server Welcome Credits[working] Service points (Single Currency) [working] Action Menu (view distance only) [working] Custom Loadouts [working] Custom Load Screen [working] RPT LOG http://pastebin.com/PuyT888V
  7. an sql even in my knowledge would only run as often as you set it, (ie: every 2 hours) but in that case you may as well just restart every 2 hours test results for myself and a few other on our server Delete current character from DB - successful respawn Log to lobby, delete currentstate in database - stuck on loading Log to lobby, set currentstate to [] - stuck on loading
  8. the error is caused by the Character_data in the database, the column "current state" that would usually have something like " ["MakarovSD","amovpercmrunsraswpstdf",41,[]] " in it what it is doing is changing this so that it removes the weapon, so that the code will look like " ["","aidlpercmstpslowwrfldnon_player_idlesteady04",100,[]] " the only way i have found to fix it is to copy a current state of another player in the server, and then find their current weapon and place it back in, and then, they are able to log back into the server with no problems (works about 75% of the time) so, i guess what we need to do is find something that changes the current state of the player on logging out/in and remove it the other way i have found to fix this is..... do not log out normally, ALT + F4 that way it doesnt change anything and players can just log back in normally... although they must restart the game...
  9. For our server i changed our admin tools to suit our own needs, and one of the main things i changed was making it so that while in god mode you could not shoot anyone, (just like if you walked into a safezone) you could shoot all you wanted, but all you would be doing is wasting your bullets << these were the tools i was using at the time the script i changed was located in Epoch-Admin-Tools / admintools / tools / AdminMode / GodModePlayer.sqf this is the modded code using this solved the problem of getting into a fight with godmode on
  10. after death none of the players on our server can press ESC to Return to the lobby to rejoin the server, they must ALT + F4 and then reload the entire game to be able to start a new character is this new and place on purpose? if so is there a way to remove it?
  11. tried the fix, they all spawn on the sea now, at the bottom left of the map so would anyone know how i might manually add spawn locations for the missions?
  12. and which file would i need to change so that i might get it working?
  13. All missions on our server, small and large all seem to be spawning around stary, polana, and podeba dam, they never spawn anywhere else, could someone please help me to change their spawn locations so that they might spawn anywhere, except for traders
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