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  1. I'm happy to announce that my FPS is now excellent. I'm stable between 50-60 FPS on the server. Whatever you did cramps, it fixed it for me. You have my deepest thanks. Cheers
  2. I'm at loss as well. How can it be only your server and only after update? This is so odd.. Everything was completely fine until this update. Is there any debug tools or stuff I can do to give information what's happening when I'm on the server?? EDIT: Temporarily forgot what you wrote cramps. I'll get in the server and reply.
  3. What do you mean until the server is updated? It was after the Server updated to 112555 this started.
  4. Hello. I'm actively playing on a server called Random DayZ Bullshittery and after the 112555 update, I'm having some serious FPS drops constantly in this server. Apparently no one else on this server is having FPS issues except me. I think either all of them extremely good setups or very crappy ones that they can't tell a difference. Before the update, i was steady at 40, sometimes 50 fps. I have done several settings in config files and in launch parameters to get this fps. Even in cities, I could go between 30-40 fps, no problem. After the update, I'm between 30-35. And I could be located anywhere on the map. The biggest issue tho is every 2-3 seconds, the fps drops instantly to 20-25 or 25-30 or even 10-15 depending on where I am, and goes straight back up to 30-35. And this feels very choppy and ruins it visually and ruins the gameplay. I could never survive a fight with this. Does anyone know what I can do? I have cleaned my computer, defraged it, the configs are still the best I can get it to. Now the weird part is, I join other epoch servers and other napf servers that has more traffic, I get a way better fps. Most give me 40-60 or 35-45 but most importantly, It's stable at these servers. So, what could have cause this? I'm a regular at this server and don't want to leave it.
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