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  1. I have the same problem on my server, all the shelves and tents disappeared And I can not build new. This only happened with shelves and tents.
  2. I'm in Brazil, is the only official and cheap host that offers good spot ping
  3. Yes I've done, but getting Vilayer contact with someone who really understands the situation! That's the problem! Someone with Vilayer server that can add on the subject?
  4. Ok thanks for the help. I to download the database file dump.rdb Vilayer Host to my local server. All with Vilayer server stopped. But I could only recover the players characters. All buildings are gone. It may be some conflict or Vilayer database is locked for local download?
  5. With the server stopped the file '' RedisQFork_15560.dat '' disappears. He only appears with the server online and so can not copy it because it is in use by the server I believe it is a cache file. '' RedisQFork_15560.dat 'is the file constructions on the map?
  6. Is there any way to perform full backup of the database file copying? My server is Vilayer Host, and want to make a local backup because I'm having trouble on the host. Downloading the file '' dump.rdb '' could only recover player character. Unable to recover buildings on the map. How to back up the constructions on the map?
  7. This worked for me, but to char players. All constructions made by players, wall, lockbox, shelf gone. How to backup the construction?
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