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  1. That was not there before I posted .. He added that . This snow mod was made by a dude back in arma 2 dayz . I will find his name and post the owners script name here so you can give credit Here is a post of where this script started : http://opendayz.net/threads/adding-snow-to-your-server.12523/ Please give Audio Rejectz credit for using his script here.
  2. ?? This is public code. No one is stealing anything. If they wish to take it from your mission file and use it in their own server they can. Also as you doing this in the PBO you need to give credit do the dudes that made the script .. Not just in this post or in your gitgub readme. Also using [] execVM "loot_addon\LSpawner\init.sqf"; to start the script is a poor way to start it and can use up more cpu power then needed. Use this call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers to start the script not execVM
  3. ?? are you claiming you made this ?
  4. Testo I can help you out buddy. But as of right now arma 3 has released an update to 1.40 and epoch devs have not supported this build in the 2.5.2 build . You might have to wait until .3 is released. But the how to is in the readme of the server files .. 1. Remove any previous @Epoch folders and Install A3 Epoch client files (@Epoch) into Arma3 root directory. 2. Remove any previous @EpochHive folder and copy all server files from zip into Arma3 root directory. 3. Open "DB" folder and start redis-server.exe with the parameter "redis.conf" or use start-redis.cmd. (Only one redis instance is needed per box, All servers connecting to the same redis will share character data by default.) 4. Open @EpochHive folder and edit EpochServer.ini BattlEyePath to match your server path to Battleye. 5. If running multiple servers on the same box, open "@EpochHive" folder and edit the "EpochServer.ini" setting "InstanceID" to a unique string for each A3 Epoch server. 6. Open "SC" folder and edit the config.cfg server name, password, etc. 7. Open the SC/Battleye folder and rename example-BEServer.cfg to BEServer.cfg and change the RConPassword. 7. Look at the "start-A3-cmd-line-example.txt" file for an example command line for starting your server.
  5. Please lock and remove this thread. It does not belong here and how did it get approved in the script location.
  6. I have been sitting here reading all this bs. Anyone that runs a real server with real player count knows that good server admins and learning how to read the logs is how you find and remove hackers. NO anti hack tool will do this. Not the one you pay for, and not the epoch one. If someone wants to hack on your server they will. Lets also clear the word hacking up here. One, they are not hacking. In no way are these dudes hacking the exe or modding any game files to get mess around on servers. They are cleary just script kiddies, they got the code and bypass from a well known website that hosts all scripts and bypass. What the Epoch devs are doing with Admin tools is great. It gives your admins some power to move around the map, watch players and get data so you can remove them from your server. Or the power to give someone back something they lost do to a great and amazing arma bug or some script kiddy that messed up there day. Some of you are mad because they are have some coding still open in a Cleary posted Alpha build of the mod. We are all here to test, give feedback and report bugs. Not bash the devs for making an amazing tool that give the admin some power to control their servers. I am shocked that people are really bitching about the built in admin tools and willing to pay for an anti hack that was cleary stolen, and breaks all rules with copywrite. Not one or the other do a good job at stopping the script kiddies from messing around on your server. Only really good admins will be the factor that your server is somewhat hacker free.
  7. Just to get some ideas going on a workaround from epoch blocking new addons being added to the traders. Is it possible to use the old Arma 2 dayz epoch trader code and just trade Say Gold Bars for Mas weapons using something like this
  8. The problem is you can still be ran over in the zone.
  9. http://www.armaholic...ge.php?id=27933 There was a new Acre release and it uses a server with arma to give some great voice coms . This is a great addon to any mod looking to have good stable voice coms. Please add support for this mod to work. IT will add so much to the community servers out there
  10. http://www.armaholic...ge.php?id=27933 Has anyone got this working yet in Epoch ^^^
  11. I would watch the New Acre2 mod coming out .. It does not use any voice system like TS. http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=27933
  12. Like I said the server need CBA if you are going to force Task Force Radio .. You can not setup the mod without CBA. CBA will not run server side in epoch . It is not yet fully supported. Not sure if it ever will be
  13. Why do that I do mine all in the mission.sqf Example below class Sensors { items=3; class Item0 { position[]={10190.044,25.138008,12419.594}; a=150; b=150; angle=-130.966; activationBy="ANY"; repeating=1; interruptable=1; age="UNKNOWN"; text="CSpawn"; name="CTrader"; expCond="(vehicle player) in thislist;"; expActiv="titleText [""You Are Now Entering A Save Zone"", ""PLAIN DOWN"", 3]; player allowDamage false; player addEventHandler [""HandleDamage"",{false}];"; expDesactiv="titleText [""You Are Now Leaving A Save Zone"", ""PLAIN DOWN"", 3]; player allowDamage true; player addEventHandler [""HandleDamage"",{true}];"; class Effects { };
  14. I gave up on the notification.hpp and just did This Below .. It seems to work. AI still take damage from cars. With adding blocks around the traders so they can not be ran over and adding this: ProtectionZone_Invisible_F around them. The zone is now somewhat safe from trolls .. expActiv="titleText [""You Are Now Entering A Save Zone"", ""PLAIN DOWN"", 3]; player allowDamage false; player addEventHandler [""HandleDamage"",{false}];"; expDesactiv="titleText [""You Are Now Leaving A Save Zone"", ""PLAIN DOWN"", 3]; player allowDamage true; player addEventHandler [""HandleDamage"",{true}];"; class Effects
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