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  1. Yes there is something wrong there. Mine are setup to use RPG if any vehicles come close lol https://www.dropbox.com/s/7td01fj3v10ti3p/DZMS.zip Feel free to try my DZMS setup and see if it changes.
  2. Don't know if someone else has posted this but here goes. If someone else has posted it, sorry and will delete it off. If you would like to get this working along with mudzereli's deploy bicycle script. It is pretty simple to do 1) In mission files go to "overwrites\click_actions\init.sqf" and change it to the code below: Just make sure you point it to the correct location of your "custom\player_selectSlot.sqf" file, that was made with the deploy bike script. 2)Now we need to add the code from "overwrites\click_actions\ui_selectSlot.sqf" and slot it into your "custom\playerselectSlot.sqf" take this part of the code: and place it above this line "_pos set [3,_height];" in the "custom\player_selectSlot.sqf" Then you should be all good to go. Not very good at writing guides, so go easy on me!
  3. Ok, cool I must have the wrong end of the stick somewhere. This can be closed off. Thanks
  4. Thanks, really love the airfields! Trader setup is awesome!
  5. Don't know if anyone would want to use these but here they are: Files: NEAF SWAF If you really want to have a look at them, go to Thanks for looking NEAF: SWAF:
  6. Hi, Just wondering if anyone knows how to remove all the clutter that was put in by rocket all over the map. I have tried using this in the init.sqf "stream_locationCheck = {};" but guess this is an old fix. Any advice or links to pages that could help me solve this would be great. Have been looking all over to find something to do this, but has been fruitless. Thanks in advance.
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