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  1. So? This problem you have always with new servers. Free cars and helis everywhere :) Maybe a better solution for this is to remove every car in the world. If you want a car you need to buy one!
  2. I dont get why people dont like this? What do you need to buy cinder................Krypto yes! How do you get krypto.........................by looting buidings and selling the items + missions and killing players . Why i need krypto if a trader dont sells any good? In patch most traders sells crap items because no one needs them. I have played the new patch for a good 40 hours and i have to say it is really fullfilling getting building materials from the world (yellow cinder blow + rusted cars). + I have to loot around 30 min to get enough krypto to buy 6 cinderblocks and if iam Lucky i find a car and sell it for a good startersbase :) I think it is great! + server andmins van decide how many items a traders sells at startup so i dont see the problem.
  3. Loot disappear when you put in in your inventory. This happens me twice now. Everytime it happens when i had a plot pole in my inventory, but iam not sure what triggers this.
  4. After dead i cant move for 1 min in the portal.
  5. -world limit (should be increased because in 2 days it already reached the limit) -Plot pole limit (100 items is not that much for a nice base) -Free build dont work in ghost mode (cant rotate items and when it can it will snapbuild) Melly told me that you have to place the part first before you can use the free build (but in that stage physics work again so you cant put it in the ground or inside another wall). -respawn after dead by player timeout on portal (it should be good that you cant acces the same portal u used before, for about +/-5 min) We had a lot of fights close to a spawn point (about 4km away) and player just run to there dead bodie to fight again) In situations like 2 vs 6 it can be verry unfair because if you kill the 6 guys they pop up before you know.
  6. I really like this idea! Great :D
  7. Sorry to make you upset lol :) I agree that 100 items in stock is to much. My point is that you have to let people choose how they want to play. If they want to use the new system to gather cinder let them do that. If people want to trade items for cinder its oke by me. You really need some good loot to trade for cinder (sappers pay good when you kill them). 1 cinder cost 25 krypto and 1 mortar 20? you need 6 cinder and 4 mortar for 1 upgraded wall. That is 230 krypto and i dont think that is cheap. BTW I noticed that free building (2) still snaps on existing parts. Hope that this will be fixed in 0.3.1
  8. Remember you can not buy materials if you dont have the krypto. To get krypto you have to loot around to. Let players decide if they want to buy materials from the trader (by first selling things for krypto). Or let them use the system for gater those materials for free!
  9. Would like so see more civilian clothes. ATM it is so military orientated. How should we be supposed to test the new building system when the world limit is already reached in 2 days? Loot disappear in car (organe suv) -Drones pop up every minute when you are looting trash. -Ai spawn in a really close circle when the drone spot you. They instantly shoot at you.
  10. -Ai drones spawn a lot of times when you are in cities -Big sapper dont give a warning animation when exploding -Cant sell items to trader because the limit of 100 is reached -Tire pile loot spawned in air (this happen to me with smal metal)
  11. In arma 2 the plotpole had only a function to prevent people building. Taking over a base was not so easy as it is now, because you had to destroy all locked doors to take a base fully over. ATM everything stands and falls with the plot pole. For some reason it has to be a real thing in arma 3 epoch wich effect the game a lot in a negative way. I also dont understand why they make it so big.. Everyone has to make a box of cinder 2 walls high to protect it (and even then its not so hard to destroy). Earlier is made a topic about this i think the jammer is way to important atm for base protection (considering glitchers).
  12. The small epoch development team make more additions than the dayz standalone team :) But i hope that they will work on some role play and much more base items since it effects the game a lot but should not be that much work.
  13. Hi Guys, Are there any plans to work on some role play in the game like in arma 2 epoch (hero, bandit, neutral)? suggestions *remove military clothes from loot table (only civilian clothes in the loot table) *neutral players can only buy civilian clothes at the current tranders *hero trader where only hero's can buy clothes (military look) *bandit trader where only bandits can buy clothes (military look) Really hope to see some work on this since everybody just kill eachother atm.
  14. I agree with unwanted items, but i already can imagine that jerks remove bases of players by just shooting the plotpole and than simple press space bar to select remove item. On top of that they get the building materials. In my opion its again a bigger pro for raiding a base instead of building one.
  15. First of all I want to thank the developers for the great job. Epoch is the best mod for arma and I really like to play it :) keep up the good work! I spent like 200 hours on the game and with that experience I would like to write down some suggestions which I think they will improve the game (I really don’t want to offend the developers. It are just suggestions). I wonder what you guys think about the suggestions and if you think it are improvements or if it brakes the game. Frequency jammer I really like to see the Frequency jammer a bit smaller so it is easier to cover up. ATM The Frequency jammer is hard to cover because you need 2 fully upgraded walls on top of eachother. If a small piece is sticking out people will shoot it down (even the small antenne) It also don’t fit in in houses. Should be good if the height reduces by 2. I see a lot of people making square boxes to protect the jammer and I don’t think that was the idea of the mod + making a box of cinder takes a lot of building material and energy). Once you destroy the jammer you can ruin a base in just 10 min, because you can move/open everything (also locked doors). I believe the jammer is way to important as it is now. Also with the new upcoming update you can remove building items (when you remove items you get the materials back I have seen on the streams). I really like that but in combination how the Frequency jammer is now it would be terrible for people who spend hours and hours on a base. Once you destroy a jammer you just remove all the base items to ruin people’s experience. I really like to see a good solution for this. its not fair that you have full acces/control of someone his base by only destroying the plot pole. Building a base vs raiding/destroying/removing a base is not balanced well I think.
  16. Should work likes safes, locked forever combined with a clean up scripts (7 days untouched is delete).
  17. Gotcha

    Base security

    Destroying the jammer means full acces to the base, even the doors with locks on it (only not lockboxes). Destroy the jammer, place your own and the base is yours. I heard developers talking about that the jammer even getting bigger since its the point that other players can see it :S
  18. Gotcha

    Base security

    yes I know it works but still..
  19. Gotcha

    Base security

    For now it is almost impossible to secure youre base to be taken over easily. The frequency jammer is way to big (hard to cover up by walls because you need 2 walls on top of each other + it don’t fit in houses) The way we have to play now for having a base that is not taking over easily is to build a really big box of cinder (more than 2 walls around it, this should not be the way it should be + making a box on cinder is so much work since it takes so much cinder and energy). -Once you destroyed the jammer people can ruin the base in just 15 min, because they can move just everything (also locked doors). The jammer is way to important. Our bases even get raided withing any damage, they just shoot the jammer from a distance (you can shoot true metal walls and wooden floors). Even if you manage to get some cinder arround it its still be to easy. But yea that is how the developers wants it.....
  20. What i notice in the first place is that the official servers are far less populair than the community servers. It feels like the developers are fighting against it with making a server browser where the official servers are in the first place. Lissen to your community and make the game more fun! Official servers feel like an empty map where everything goes so slow paste. We are at the point where the community scripters making more improvement than the dev's itself... Just my opinion.....
  21. Happen to me and my friend a couple of times. Helicopters and cars on flat ground. Once you get in it will explode!
  22. Gotcha

    About PhysX

    I agree that the physx give a lot of cons and i hope the developers make a lot more building items so we can be more creative again. Half wooden walls in height Half wooden walls in wide Sandbags Upgrade a wooden wall with wood (that you can penetrate with bullets but it can protect you from outsiders). half floord and 1/4 floors. Smaller stairs etc
  23. I think it should be a really good idea. Atm you can store a car in a garage but how can you store a chopper? It is so easy to steal. Since it is a game in the future i really like the idea of a chip (like doors working now + you can share with your group). Vehicles spawned in the map should not be lockable, but when you buy one it should :) After all how it works now is just terrible, unlocked after 30 min? Give me a break...................... :)
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