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  1. Hey! So i am currently running a Dayz Epoch server and i really need help with scripting. I am not familiar with it and i tried for many hours and i just keep fucking things up. I really need help! Please contact me if you have some freetime and if ur the best person in the world to help me out. Skype: henke.dahlin TS: fluffywhat.enjinvoice.com Poke Apple Juice! Kind regards Apple Juice
  2. Hey man check ur messages

  3. Heya! Started a new server with my buddies and we are looking for someone to setup the scripts for us, and also explain abit how he does it, i can sit with you in teamspeak while ur doing it. Cause i need to learn too, but as i said.. we have a new server thats hosted by www.dayz.st and we cant get any scripts working except admin tools. Server Provider: Dayz.st Map: Dayz Chernarus Dayz Epoch - Scripts that we want Infistar Antihack / Admin tools (We bought it already) Build Snapping, Fast building. No plot pole restriction Self-Bloodbag Auto-Refuel Refuel/Repair at stations Deploy bike AI-Missions, Side missions, Extra missions. Lift,Tow Salvage vehicles Kill messages Extra loot Safe-Zone Traders Gold currency that you can use to buy items that costs silver, no need for smelting it down Take Clothes Debug Monitor No Maintain Bases ------------------------------------------------- We are willing to pay for your work, so dont worry about that, we just want everything fixed. Skype: henke.dahlin Ts: Fluffywhat.enjinvoice.com Email: [email protected]
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