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  1. does anyone know the standard amount of parts that can be built in one jammers radius?
  2. throw down a smoke grenade or chem light i think and it will spawn on top of it.
  3. the text chat from the trader when you accept a mission is kinda hard to read maybe change the color or make it less transparent?
  4. how about adding in the Cessna as well http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=19746
  5. +1 for the hanger door this has been on my wishlist since arma2 epoch.
  6. put the sledge hammer in the rocket launcher spot in your inventory it will sit on your back taking up no room
  7. i find the building system really good, the only thing i struggle with is the height of a ramp is not the same as the height of a wall, so to explain i have built foundations the same height as my first ramp and then floors at the same height thats fine but then if i want to place a ramp on that level to go up one more level you cant get a floor to sit flush with the top of that ramp because you cannot raise the foundations that high and if you try to use a wall to hold up the next level the ramp is not high enough for you to drive up
  8. kiwigreen

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  9. Just build the one you want inside leave the one out side now you have two double the protection
  10. even with no jammer? cheers for the reply
  11. so today we found a base with a jammer locked doors lockboxes etc, we destroyed the jammer once we had done that we were able to open the doors move walls etc but we were unable to open or pack the lockboxes is this normal or am i missing something there? we also tried to relog in case it was something to do with the jammer that we just blew up. cheers for any thoughts on this.
  12. i downloaded the files from : and have the same issue when trying to join it might work for some though.
  13. i am getting the exact same error message.
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