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  1. I am unable to access vehicles when pressing the Inventory key to unlock it. I have tested this at the airport, in a town, and vehicles in grassy plains. I have also looted for a bit before trying to access a vehicle and this too does not work. All that happens when I press the inventory key, is the player does the open inventory animation and my krypto/energy meter refreshes. I am using the default epochserver files // EDIT Same thing is happening with traders, I get the "Press [Inventory]" option but if I press inventory it just opens my inventory - ATM and looting both work.
  2. Welcome to DayZ Overpoch ChernarusRP ! Version: DayZ Overwatch 0.25; Epoch; [email protected];@DayZ_Epoch; -- INFO -- This is a public RP(roleplay) server. There are many modified locations on Chernarus, a lot of custom scripted content, AI, and non-abusive admins. Our focus is to make DayZ public and be played the inwhich it was supposed to be played. The scripts we have are Self Bloodbag, Auto refuel, Mission Systems, Roaming and Dynamic AI, Custom Traders, Snap Building, Custom bases/base building scripts, a few more vehicles, Tow And Heli Lift, Tamable Dogs, character selection, service station, modified and more locations, custom loadout system, anti backpack theft, Safezone Trader, Custom Zombies, Car Radio/Radio/Music Player and a lot of secret stuff I am not going to tell you because I want you to have fun. -- Rules -- 1) No Cheating with scripts or mods 2) No KoS (kill on sight), you may only kill once you made contact and know who the victim. You may not kill the victim of a robbery IF they are complying 100%. 3) New Life Rule(NLR). Once you die, you may not remember anything from your previous life and you may not return to the location in which you were killed (and who your killer was). 4) Roleplay and Be Realistic! Do not change your backstory after you have met someone, always stay in character. 5) Do not combat log or ghost. ! Have Fun ! ! We hope to see you on !
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