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  1. Hello all! I'm the current owner of Bloodline Gaming a month old game community who currently host a 60 slot DayZ server. We are currently (may be out of date) 663 on gametracker for the change of ip we where 101 and climbing every day. I have set the server up by myself but would like a experienced server developer who could help me out by helping us manage the server scripts and maybe even script some custom ones for us! We currently hosted on a box of our own. Please contact me if you are interested and we can discuss more about this. Check out our website at http://bloodline-dayzclan.enjin.com and add me on steam http://steamcommunity.com/groups/BloodlineDayZ if you are interested. -Zippy
  2. Make sure it stays on top so people can see we have a good server :)
  3. Looking to join a team and help a server??? Come join Bloodline! http://www.bloodline-dayzclan.enjin.com/forum
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