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  1. Hi guys -- I'm planning to release a test release for you all to gawp at this weekend :D I was planning on doing it last week, but I got ill and was holed up in bed :(
  2. Sadly not as it runs in the background if you use it as a service. I can create some but it'd just be pictures of the task scheduler :-)
  3. Submitted something basic to the repo just now which is now matching the crash effects to the mission spawning routine of the kernel. :) No units yet, but keep your eyes out -- I will add some videos if I can :D
  4. Yep, at some stage I will add it in -- I am not sure what ZFM would need to change in order to accommodate it, but I'll find out and implement it after a release. :-) Thanks for all the support guys, it's appreciated !
  5. Morning all, It's been a little while so I thought I'd provide an update. GitHub master branch now reflects current development progress. testing and development branches will be deleted I will use the "releases" feature of GitHub to provide ZFM releases, testing or otherwise. As of 27/03/2014 - Missions in ZFM are completely modular. The default mission is "crash", which you've seen, but it's pretty easy to add in new modules -- paste in one array into the Module configuration file, and you're done. I wanted to make it easy to encourage other people to develop mission types. As of current build, you won't get a mission spawning as yet, but in the RPT you will see the module and the kernel talking to eachother. I am planning to do more development today to get a basic version of the "CRASH" mission working and ready for basic testing. I have time off next week and the week after for my birthday, and hope to get ZFM released during that time for Arma 3. After that I will be testing it and adding configuration files specific for Arma 3 and Arma 2.
  6. Thanks for the support -- yep, everything is going great. I have committed to the GitHub the kernel of ZFM which tracks missions and allows modular missions to be created. Now that's all done, I have to make sure the Crash mission works well enough and then I will release a version without layouts (i.e. Dynamic layouts). The release will support A2 and A3, but I will be focusing more attention on A3 as days go on :)
  7. Just as a bump: We now have 2 additional editors which are answering questions on the site. RimBlock NoxSicarius If you're a scripter and want to help or get your own section, just shout. If you have any question about scripting, come ask people with experience! Cheers,
  8. Hi folks, I noticed that there are a lot of sites around where people ask questions about scripting, script installation, and general mod-related questions about DayZ, ArmA, etc. So, I created a central, easy-to-remember place which is like the StackOverflow of DayZ and ArmA scripting: http://www.sqf.ninja Simple site location, and it works pretty simply -- ask or answer questions about SQF scripting, script installation, @Mod creation, and so on. If you want to get involved, just visit and ask questions! Hope you join it :) Zamboni <3
  9. Hi all, While re-developing ZFM I have found I need some useful tools which aren't really in one place at the moment. There are some existing tools for arrays, strings, and so on, which are useful, but their features are a bit haphazard and aren't consistent in what they offer. It's very annoying that SQF doesn't have any existing functions for doing things like string length, and all the rest, so I just thought "why not make one?" like I usually do. ZCR is a Common Runtime, meaning it's something you can include in your projects and use under an open-source license. ZCR brings PHP and c-like functions over to SQF for you to use and doesn't require including an additional module, just adding in a "call compile" at the top of your scripts. Documentation: https://github.com/zambino/zambinocommonruntime/wiki Where to get it: https://github.com/zambino/zambinocommonruntime How to install it Download the repo from the link above Extract the "ZCR" folder into the main folder your scripts are in. In the main init file/whichever file you want to use ZCR in, add in the following: call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "ZCR/ZCR_init.sqf"; Happy trails.. What it provides: ZCR has the following functions as of 0.2: Strings: StrpBrk StrLen SubString StrPos Implode Arrays Array_Reduce (With callback) Array_Shuffle Array_Unique Array_Pop Array_Shift Array_Slice Array_Intersect Array_Chunk Array_Merge Array_Fill I will be providing a @Mod version of the library too with more features as I require them in ZFM. Happy developing, Zamboni
  10. Been doing a lot of development today. I needed to develop some functions to expand SQF functionality so I ported some of the PHP array functions to SQF because they're nice. For those who need to use them, be my guest. https://bitbucket.org/bergstadeu/zambinocommonruntime/src/9e3a5de701989108d70bc2d02c431fd8869c964e/ZCR_Arrays.sqf?at=master Also tried to use preprocessor commands to create new commands that don't have the [] call syntax, but alas, I can't figure a way to allow #defines to work across SQF files. If you have one big SQF file, it'd work, but alas, nay. There go my dreams of having a return command ;-)
  11. Just a bit of an update on progress for the eager beavers. Kernel (module system): 70% done - need to implement build functions for vehicles, loot, triggers, etc. "CRASH" mission module - 80% done - need to finish off units and vehicles. Units: Around 70% done - need to implement "move to, get out" behaviours, and so on. Triggers: Around 20% done - need to create mission triggers and hooks for triggers. Vehicles: Around 90% done - only thing left is to implement the stuff as above. Loot: 20% done - this will be left as basic loot for alpha release. For those who want a little taster of the development aspect of modular missions, take a look on the wiki here: http://bitbucket.org/bergstadeu/fairmission/wiki/Kernel The hooks system is basically a SQF version of callbacks, a little homage to Drupal, which I love the hook/callback system of, and the Linux Kernel, which is just ace. :wub: Thank you for the support, keep looking on the bitbucket for more updates. When a test version is ready, I'll make you all aware of it. (Mainly because I will probably run around the street naked when it happens :P) ZFM's kernel takes care of all of the annoying stuff of mission development. You just tell it what vehicles, units, triggers, markers, items, weapons, etc, to create, and where, and it creates them for you and then tracks them and passes the results back to your functions.
  12. Okay, just an update. For the crash mission as you know, it's air and land. The air is done, the land is almost done. So land crashes are two types: AIRFIGHT and ROADRAGE. AIRFIGHT is where a plane or heli will destroy the land vehicle, and ROADRAGE is where another armed vehicle will chase down the crash vehicle and shoot it to crap. I'll add the videos in here as they upload. Airfight Road rage
  13. Hi guys, just an update. I have implemented the land crashes now, and have taken out "blown up by mines" and the "destroyed by AI" and just kept it to normal explosion (reaches within 2 meters of the crash zone, explodes), or "airfight", which is where a plane or helicopter equipped with bombs or missiles will blow it to crap. Here's the weird thing -- so far as I can tell, the default AI are stupider when told to move "CARELESS" in A3 than they are in A2, or at least as stupid. Generally, the vehicle will move along a road for a while, then if it needs to turn in to a place off road, often they crash into objects. -_- However, in the "airfight", the plane tends to blow the crap out of the vehicle much quicker if it's unarmed, however, if you spawn in armed vehicles, most of the time they shoot the planes/helicopters down as they're manuvering. :lol: Next I'm going to get the AI units to go secure the crash site, who will spawn about 200-500 meters away, airdrop and move to the site, or land in helicopters to secure it. Once that's done, I will make a test release for A2 and A3 with the new crash mission on it, and then will add in the layouts for a release. I've added these in as "effects" which will be randomised by the ZFM engine, so you will have for instance -- a crash mission with a plane which is shot down, and then AI paradrop over the location, or a plane which crashes, and then AI drive to the location. Plus all the randomly-generated titles like before and all the features explained in the previous, slow ZFM branch. ;) :ph34r:
  14. Will post some videos for Arma 2 soon :)They will look the same as this, just with perhaps slow seek and destroy for the planes, and obviously no physics :)
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