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  1. You know when you buy/sell stuff from traders, is does a little animation and a message pops up telling you selling 1 out of 1 weapon, How do you remove the animation so when you buy/sell a gun, it immediatly does the instant trade instead of waiting a few seconds.
  2. So I have Heli crashes enabled in the epoch Init.sqf. Crashes are spawning, but there is no loot spawning on them, any detail why on this :/
  3. ddmankiller

    Damage bug?

    I have been experiencing a damage issue on my servers lately. I do not know if a certain script/file would be causing this. A common issue is headshots. People are getting shot in the head but not actually taking any damage. If anyone can share any insight on this, it would be much appreciated.
  4. Nope, this is what it looks like ;Negative values will disable this feature ;0 means that ALL empty placed items will be deleted every server restart ;A positive number is how old (in days) a placed empty item must be, in order for it to be deleted CleanupPlacedAfterDays = -1
  5. I have set CleanupPlacedAfterDays = 1 to CleanupPlacedAfterDays = -1 in my HiveEXT and items still despawn. I have all of my database decay/remove events disabled, any insight on this would greatly help.
  6. People get kicked every time they try to preview the snowman by battleye. What would be the line I would have to add to public variables?
  7. I replaced my whole fnc_playerhit with the code you provided in the beggining and the issue still pertains. private ["_victim", "_attacker","_weapon","_weapon_dmg","_distance","_damage","_weapon_img"]; _victim = _this select 0; _attacker = _this select 1; _damage = _this select 2; if (!isPlayer _victim || !isPlayer _attacker) exitWith {}; if ((owner _victim) == (owner _attacker)) exitWith { _victim setVariable["AttackedBy", _victim, true]; }; _weapon = (weaponState _attacker); _vehicle = typeOf (vehicle _attacker); if ((getText (configFile >> "CfgVehicles" >> _vehicle >> "vehicleClass")) in ["CarW","Car","CarD","Armored","Ship","Support","Air","ArmouredW","ArmouredD","SupportWoodland_ACR"]) then { _weapon_dmg = getText (configFile >> 'CfgVehicles' >> _vehicle >> 'displayName'); _weapon_img = gettext(configFile >> 'CfgVehicles' >> _vehicle >> 'picture'); } else { _weapon_dmg = gettext (configFile >> 'cfgWeapons' >> (currentWeapon _attacker) >> 'displayName'); _weapon_img = gettext(configFile >> 'cfgWeapons' >> (currentWeapon _attacker) >> 'picture'); }; _distance = _victim distance _attacker; diag_log format["PLAYERHIT: %1 was hit by %2 with %3 from %4m with %5 dmg", _victim, _attacker, _weapon_dmg, _distance, _damage]; _victim setVariable["AttackedBy", _attacker, true]; _victim setVariable["AttackedByName", (name _attacker), true]; _victim setVariable["AttackedByWeapon", _weapon_dmg, true]; _victim setVariable["AttackedFromDistance", _distance, true]; _victim setVariable["AttackedByWeaponImg", _weapon_img, true];
  8. I followed the install instructions and people still spawn on their body :/
  9. Since I added this, players may sometimes repsawn on their body with their gear or random gear. I guess this has something to do with the player_died.sqf?
  10. For some reason, my missions may spawn on top of each other and cancel each other out. I cheked the @Hive PBO and It only looks like 1 script of it is running. Any thoughts on what the issue may be?
  11. It has, since I disbaled the script it stops. Whenever I re-enable it, it happens again.
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