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  1. The server is only for me and a few friends and all im doing is adding 2 things to the loot spawns, if the devs tell me not to do it then I will change it back, I would just like to experiment.
  2. To keep this short, I was messing with the loot spawns for Epoch, my only problem is turning the .cpp file back to a .bin. I have tried all the ArmA tools but I am having a lot of trouble. Help is apreciated and thanks in advance.
  3. Use "DZE_DeathMsgSide = True;" and enable the radio, death messages will apear in chat.
  4. There might be somehting wrong with the node it is running on.
  5. If I want to allow a bike to be spawned how would I add that in to the check for hacker. I know I could use DZE safe vehicles but I'm also running non epoch servers.
  6. If you can't get it working just use krixes self bloodbag and don't use the epoch one.
  7. Wouldn't you want to male it -.50. Since -1 is 0% and 0 is 100%
  8. Also my host sent me this "DayZCommander does not directly query GameSpy, it has its own internal list of servers which it used to add servers to from GameSpy data."
  9. It's extremely simple. When on the main menus click expansions then click the ones you want.
  10. This also happened on my server. When I got close to players certain ones couldn't open their gear. It is infinistar. Still don't know the fix.
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