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  1. This should be in the help section, updating to new versions is just annoying enough with the changes in codes and not keeping this clean really does NOT help. Moderate this forum please........
  2. Add overwatch client to your server>edit .bat file>add overwatch key to keys folder and i believe thats it..
  3. Thanks, already had this before but i see there are some changes and this gives me the chance to finally say thanks!
  4. Thats prolly because it's either not there or it's specified location is incorrect.
  5. Thanks a lot will try this, Is there anything like a club for lazy ppl like us? :D Edit: Works pretty good so far, thanks!
  6. Thanks a lot, been struggling to get this to work but your solution with the old masterkey seems to work, super :)
  7. Thanks a lot, seems to work well on Overpoch Napf.
  8. You can add, remove, modify any mission you like. Neither of you have read much because this is already answered several times.
  9. Thanks, works great on latest versions running overpoch sauerland and napf. Great work sir!
  10. Check your pbo file, my pbo manager decides NOT to add changes/updates pretty often, did not have this before but now just constantly.
  11. Right, so i had my test server working with requiredBuild = 125548; At first normal epoch sauerland, changed it to overpoch sauerland without any problems including the latest infistar. As i wanted to build in more mods i made a backup, After puting in the first mod and ofcourse i i try to test it im getting some error about keys not signed and all that stuff, so i just waste no time and delete the WIP and revert to the backup that was working fine (vanilla epoch + infistar) so i load up the game and i get the same crap about not signed proper key blabla. The github has key and config.cfg however in that config.cfg the versions and build/required build are way off compared to the server files download link, just adding to the confusion of why at one point everything works and then the next it just doesn't. I am struggling with this as it worked via dayz commander eventho commander never showed my server online at any point, it also worked by just loading up AO and then going to multiplayer to find my local server. I am just confused, and arma2/epoch are just verry much annoying me at the moment because it does not make any sense!
  12. Thanks, needed some help getting overpoch sauerland working after being away for a few months. This topic helped.
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