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  1. Hey guys! I've been trying to increase the vehicle limit of the server but the only thing I've found and have been told is changing the epochconfig.hpp. The only issue I've found is if I increase the vehicles (say double of each value) the server won't load at all. Essentially I'm running into a problem where with the black market trader players are unable to purchase a "permanent" vehicle and they can only "rent" one due to the vehicle limit. Any way to fix this easily? So far I've run the redis-cli.exe fix but that only works if I do it regularly (which can be a pain) any help would be great and thanks!
  2. I too am facing this problem. We can rent the vehicles, but cannot purchase them permanently. I've checked the epochconfig.hpp and adjusted each vehicle type just a tad to increase the vehicle limit, but I'm unsure if that is what I needed to do.
  3. Hey guys! In the admin menu we can place things such as light posts, chairs, etc. Upon server restart, they disappear. Is there a way to make sure the dropped objects (not weapons, etc. but placeables like lights/lamps.) to stay after server restart? Thanks in advance!
  4. Chuma, Could you include install instructions?
  5. Yeah I know that's an option, too. But then that disables my ability to receive messages from friends. Was curious if there was another alternative.
  6. Hey guys! I've been running a pretty successful local server and there's one thing just irks me. It always load my steam up as "In-Game Arma 3". Now, while I don't mind that because it's not breaking anything. It's also saying I have 300+ hours on record of Arma 3 when that's not the case haha. My son also thinks all I do is play games when I'm working in my office and I have to explain to him it's just a server running. So, is there anyway to disable that? For now, the only thing I can do is start the server with Steam closed. Then load up steam. But as soon as the server restarts, of if I hop on the game itself to play, it will stay up there. Thanks in advance!
  7. Thanks a lot for that suggestion, Darth. Unfortunately the init suggestion didn't get it to work. I don't know jack when it comes to scripting, so cleaning anything up would inevitably destroy my server with my luck haha.
  8. I've gotten it all installed but it's not showing up on the server. No error codes. Here's my init and description: DESCRIPTION.EXT INIT.SQF
  9. I'm still having trouble getting the menus to open. I've made sure I've added the allowed dialogues for infistar, I've ensured my init and descriptions are in (unless there's a specific place to put them IN the actual files?) and I've made sure the stringtable is there. Any suggestions?
  10. Would anyone be willing to share their exact epochah.hpp file (substituting their steamid with jibberish of course). For some reason no matter what I'm putting it just doesn't seem to be working for me.
  11. Unfortunately it's still not working. I've tried a few STEAMID64's as well as my player ID when logging in but cannot load the admin menu up. I know I'm just missing something simple but I can't figure it out. *le sigh*
  12. So what would you put as a "ADMINNAME"? For example if my character I play as is "Conroy Kinkaid" would I put that as the admin name exactly?
  13. I was on a server that allowed us to "hear" the enemy AI radio chatter. It was actually pretty immersive. We could see their text in chat like "Adult Man located, etc." I was looking up the script for this but only came to task force radio but it didn't seem like that was what I was looking for. Is there something else I need to do to be able to enable AI radio chatter in chat? PS. By chatter, I mean radio 'chat' so it's only the text.
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