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  1. Nice one He-Man. Works for me too :)
  2. +1 I'm getting this error as well. It also happens if you use the Custom spawn script. I have posted on there as well but, I'm guessing we need to add something to description.ext...?
  3. Thanks Sp4rkY. I'll load up over the next couple of days as soon as I get out of hospital. Loving the functions from the description though.....just what I've been looking for. :)
  4. I have the same as well for this custom spawn script. I'm guessing we just need to add something to the description.ext for the Halv Spawn dialog. Anyone have any ideas what?
  5. hey, thanks for posting, any news on your script? Thanks
  6. Hi, On our old DayZ Epoch server we used to have a great script from Halvjhearne that unlocked vehicles parked at traders through the restart and TP'd them up to 500m outside the zone. Seeing as our traders in arma 3 epoch are beginning to look like the car park outside a supermarket selling free beer, I wondered if anyone has managed to write something similar or port from arma 2? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  7. hey rvg?! that seems to have fixed it. Well I haven't had any reports of it disappearing since.. :) Big thanks man!
  8. Hey rvg?! that doesn't seem to be working. Still getting reports of having to relog. Has happened to me as well. I don't have the admin bar configured and just having everyone using player_bar. Is it worth moving those waits to the init_statusBar.sqf? Thanks
  9. We are having an issue where players need to relog once, twice or sometimes more than that to get the status bar to appear. Has anyone else experienced this and managed to fix the issue? Thanks
  10. Chaps, this seems to have worked on my exile servers but, not in epoch..... I have tried at the bottom and top of my init. Doesn't make sense to me why it should be different. This is the line I've added: enableSentences true; Any ideas what could be wrong? Thanks
  11. Thanks guys. Hopefully I can Google from there and report back. Quick question... Would that go in server.cfg or description.ext or somewhere else?
  12. We have ai configured to have AA/AT missiles to prevent players completing missions too quickly using armed helis and running over the ai with hunters etc. For some reason which I can't work out, arma's built in incoming missile detection system isn't working. This should put an 'M' on the radar and play an audible sound but, neither of these are happening. Players are reporting that on some servers this works and others it doesn't. Can anyone point me in the right direction where or how to configure this? Thanks
  13. Guys, thanks for all your answers on this. Great to have a few options to consider. :)
  14. Hi, would anyone know how to add a check to this file to prevent sappers and UAV's being spawned in the safezones? The file below is EPOCH_server_triggerEvent.sqf which, I'm guessing is the best place to add a check for the player being in a safezone... params ["_target", "_type"]; if (!isNull _target) then { switch (_type) do { case "UAV": { "I_UAV_01_F" remoteExec ['EPOCH_unitSpawnIncrease',_target]; }; case "Cloak": { if (sunOrMoon < 1) then { "Epoch_Cloak_F" remoteExec ['EPOCH_unitSpawnIncrease',_target]; } else { "Epoch_Sapper_F" remoteExec ['EPOCH_unitSpawnIncrease',_target]; }; }; case "Sapper": { "Epoch_Sapper_F" remoteExec ['EPOCH_unitSpawnIncrease',_target]; }; case "GreatWhite": { "GreatWhite_F" remoteExec ['EPOCH_unitSpawnIncrease',_target]; }; case "SapperB": { "Epoch_SapperB_F" remoteExec ['EPOCH_unitSpawnIncrease',_target]; }; case "PHANTOM": { "PHANTOM" remoteExec ['EPOCH_unitSpawnIncrease',_target]; }; }; }; Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  15. +1 would be good to get this old script working again. I have same as previous post, study body says 'unrecognizable' and when you try to bury it says, 'you can't bury ai'. Not so bothered about the kill messages as you can just turn the standard arma function on in description.ext.
  16. hey He-Man, would love to use this but to fix the old arma bug of vehicle collision at restarts... is there a way of using this but, that it only godmodes vehicles for 2 minutes at the restart and not linked to player entry? Thanks
  17. oh man, what a shame. great bunch of guys and a really good service.
  18. Guys, could you guide me how to do this? Thanks
  19. so apart from matching the marker name in the mission.sqm, all we need to do is to remove the ';' at the start of the relevant example lines at the top of the script? Thanks
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