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  1. I get this error in my server monitor and the server refuses to start it's just a forever loading screen
  2. Please read the thread before posting man, i had the server up for 2 months with 30+ scripts installed.
  3. "but i started from scratch too." So did i, worked around 8 hours/day for 2 weeks to get all the scripts installed with help from many on this forum. I know now that it was a big waste of time, the work i did in 2 weeks another guy did in 2 days. That is why im asking for help. I don't have 8 hours/day now
  4. I have no idea of anything and that is the reason why im asking for someone to do all this for me! I know nothing of coding and that is my problem here. I am very thankful for all the suggestions but still that is not why i posted this, i need someone to help me doing this for me. And i will pay!
  5. I have tried all this and it didnt work that is why i need help to do it
  6. Thing is if i do this i will waste around 3 days of work when someone who knows what to do can do it in 5 hours. I used to sit for days installing scripts and in the end it didn't work out at all so all that time got wasted, then a guy did it in 1 night. That is why im asking for help here
  7. I don't know how they are supposed to look now :/
  8. So i updated to after 10 players asked me to do it. I knew i would have to add all scripts in again and that it would take alot of time but that was a risk "worth" taking. What i did was installing all of the scripts i had again after installing the latest patch. Now it's stuck on wait for host, something important is missing. Could be one line but i do not have a clue what's wrong. Here is my server and mission files: Server https://www.dropbox.com/sh/f756x03kgn3v30m/AAAUCyJLX8T4C5cqKJIjbe1Ba Mission https://www.dropbox.com/sh/yxg5pohwvne3x5r/AADgr_L_vkeVuBarIuHqnVRSa I will pay for someone to fix it because i have no idea how to, i sat for 8 hours yesterday searching on google and different forums with no result. Host: Vilayer Contact me on skype or send me a pm if you can help!
  9. [sOLVED] Thank you guys for the help, but i still got problems with my server, i guess i have to make another thread.
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