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  1. Kinda reminds me of my old currency topic ;) Only problem is the caching of the DB-queries (that's why you'd have to wait until restart) and redo the tradeobject bits'n'pieces
  2. Hrm, still wonder if maybe it's that stupid piece of ... called win 2012 on my end -.-
  3. Your sig tells me that you're running them all on the same machine/IP, mind sharing your speccs/os ?
  4. Ok, tried some more things today, still can't really find the problem :/ http://pastebin.com/aBhAyn6t That's ArmA 2 running from a 22GB RAMDisc with 1 player, fresh 1.0.3 files and our old DB ( migrated to 1.0.3 (delete all tables, execute epoch.sql, import only object_data). Why do we have a drop from 48 to 38fps out of nowhere :/ when nothing's going on. @shinobu: Only thing that you & Toejam have different is the SSD (well and you're running xeon's but would that really be the issue that it can't even handle 20players correctly?) Ok, looks like the very first time-sync causes the 1 drop... just tried it with more objects to see if we have a breaking-point when FPS go down and the drop from 48 to 38 happens at the same time: 14:06:25 "DEBUG FPS : 47.619 OBJECTS: 8820 : PLAYERS: 1" 14:07:25 "TIME SYNC: Local Time set to [2013,8,3,11,7]" 14:07:25 "DEBUG FPS : 38.1862 OBJECTS: 8821 : PLAYERS: 1" 14:08:25 "DEBUG FPS : 47.4777 OBJECTS: 8823 : PLAYERS: 1"
  5. Still trying to find the issue... we reverted our mainserver down to and problems seem to be gone even with 9k objects. Now I've setup our testserver with 12k objects and am trying to locate what is causing the drop from 47fps @ 4players to 30fps @ 4 players... disabling the cleanup.fsm did nothing. Any ideas what else may be causing it / any code you cann recall from out of your head that monitors missionobjects / etc.? On top of that, I get some red chains (even on a complete empty, fresh server) with 1.0.3 when I get bandwidth spike of 40-50k UP-stream on my client... seems to not have those spikes :/
  6. slow/fast defines on which timers you want the FPS to get logged verbose just changes how much info you want, but first you have to decide if you want it at all ;)
  7. Still init.sqf inside the mission. btw. ToejaM, may I ask what your serverspeccs are for your 52 Slot machine? I'm running: - Core i7-4770 [3,4GHz but as I'm only running 1 server right now, it's running on 3,8 in Turbo] - 32gb ram - S-ATA 3 HDD - 1Gbps connection Windows 2012 Standard x64 / MySQL 5.5.30 x64 @ InnoDB / ArmA 2 OA @ BETA 103718 and attached to Core 1&2 Tried running with optimized / different maxSendMessage etc.. in server.cfg but that didn't make any difference either :/
  8. DZE_DiagFpsFast = true; // reports every 1 Min DZE_DiagFpsFast = true; // reports every 5 Min DZE_DiagVerbose = true; // include objects & players, false = only FPS
  9. Well a point I thought of yesterday was the cleanup.fsm and the use of missionobjects... normally [] spawn should use a dedicated thread when called, but does that also happen when it's spawned from a fsm? because maybe that's what's causing my issue here.. sure to automation/fsm/thingy is nice with it's "triggered every frame" but by the looks of it, the cleanupcalls and the iteration though all objects seem to hang the server Right now i've stripped the cleanup.fsm down to only sync-time, check for hackers, update objects.. and that has helped surviving the night with 20ppl. I could try it with a complete empty DB w/o any bases, but the problem is that my players prolly don't wanna join that server without all their cool stuff in big enough numbers to see how the performance is there.
  10. At the time of the RPT we had stripped everything out and only used 1.0.3 files.. Right now we're at 24 players with 5fps... let's hope it doesn't go down again. Still seems strange that the server can't handle it / I'm running out of ideas what can maybe be tweaked on the server/windows/setup side of things. If any guru has some ideas, feel free to join this thread :D
  11. No clue what happened yesterday but anyone else having serious performance problems with 1.0.3 (with and without custom sutff) - When our lil' server was running we had like 3-4 FPS @ 35 players - At the time of this dropped to ~3-4 FPS @ 20 players but we also had custom stuff running - Yesterday with 1.0.3 we hit 0.3 FPS @ 21 players I'm running out of ideas what exactly is causing those issues apart from Epoch Code. Anyone around having some trouble with performance? Or general tipps what may improve it? Normally our hardware should be able to handle it :/ http://pastebin.com/Kha2Sm9x < RPT from yesterday when everything went downhill... we ended up with locking the server, allowing 1 player at a time to join and filtering the ones with a bad connection, kicking them to at least allow the others to play without massive desyncs.
  12. Something like: http://maps.ctc-gaming.com/ :) Adding new ones when i find the time, but the tiles alone won't make it work with Map X, you'd have to adjust the code aswell.
  13. Configs need to go into the mission, because not just the server but all your players would need the definition for custom stuff and you can't edit @dayz_epoch without your clients downloading your forked version. So you are limited to missionconfigfiles and those are kinda limited in terms of can & can't do certain things. Spawning itself can happen in either server or missionfiles, but to keep the missionsize small, do it via script in dayz_server ;)
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