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  1. Greetings, have the same problem on my server. Noticed today that the sensor worked (marker and text) but the godmode didnt work for players, only admins. example for one trader
  2. Greetings, like the topic.. i cant sell custom added vehicles on my server. I've added about 30 new cars and my users cant sell one of them to the trader. Is there a way like in arma 2 epoch where i have to add the vehicles to the traders buy list? Thanks :) Greets
  3. ASR_Ai <3 thats true work asr ai on your server with your errors correct? will also add in future acre on my server :)
  4. wait wait :D you have cba on your server? for what? any other mods then jsrs? you dont need cba for jsrs on your server, its a client side only mod :) just the keys for those mods in the server key folder and everything is fine
  5. A clan mate had the same problem, he just redownload cba and start it with standard steam startup parameters like "mod-"@cba;@epoch" and it worked for him, maybe for you too :)
  6. Rogue, its working on my server without 1 problem. Thats the autoban from the antihack tool, if i disable the ah-tool everyone can play with cba+jsrs and some other cool mods
  7. Alright thank you :) I hope it dont take too long, my user want to play with jsrs :) Thank you again for you quick response and great support, you help'd me alot, ill waiting for the next patch :) Greetz
  8. Okay, Autobanned again. Hacker Log says now only this "Changed RSCDisplayConfigure >> onLoad >>... like in the screenshot above, the disallowed addon reason is now gone :) Thanks for that. Any idea what this RSCDisplayConfigure is?
  9. Hello vbawol, thanks for the quick response :) i tried the first thing many times without any success. I'll try the second option and call back in 1 hour after our serer has restarted :) btw this is my result with following mods > CBA , JSRS2.2, Dragonfyre , VST Weapon Resting and STHud
  10. Greetings, since the last epoch update ( the epoch antihack tool keeps banning people from my server if they use CBA. Before the patch it works perfectly. My question is know, how to allow cba as an addon like aia to the antihack tool? I need the correct cfgpatches for the whitelist i think, but where to find them? If i change the "antihack_cfgPatchesCheck" to false, nothing happends, tool keeps banning :( (tried also to disable the antihack_checkfiles, same reason) i attached the "hacker log" from my server. Btw is there anywhere a .txt file with the whole banning reason? Like you see on the screenshot the text is cutted cuz the tool is too small I hope someone can help me Greetz
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