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  1. I'm giving a try with this one: https://github.com/ttgspeed/Sparc/releases Seens good!
  2. I ended my DropBox account and forgot about some important files there, like this script and maybe others. Anyone is free to upload the downloaded version anywere!
  3. Our discord is at https://discord.gg/wt23HwU
  4. Thankyou for all the updates. You guys plan to respawn players after death instead of put then on the lobby (consequent decrease of network usage)?
  5. There is a changelog from to 1.0.6? Thankyou.
  6. Thankyou for the info! _container setVariable ["bis_disabled_Door_1",1,true]; How i compose the string "bis_disabled_Door_1"? The part "bis_disabled_" must be the same allways, but how i make sure what to use in the part "Door_1"? It will be allways the same logic "Door_1", "Door_2", "Door_3", etc?
  7. Those are very beautifull screen shots!
  8. Its ubbermazingsome to see new version coming! I will start my Epoch server from zero with this new release!
  9. I'm creating it alone, with some help from friends, but they don't have much patience to this delelopment thing. The people i know that like to develop is stuck in Arma 2 still. I try to make it original, and no complicated. I will get some end of week to translate the page and mod text.
  10. AltisTales, I tried to join the Exile Team but they was closed for new crew. I had some traumatic feedback about my work here, from persons of the Exile group, may be to never try to join then again. I started a very unambitious mod (www.brpvp.com.br) and i believe it's going really well. I never understood what happened, may be i will never understand and really don't want to understand, but i'm happy to be back here and to not have became part of the Exile community.
  11. I'm also coming back to Epoch, and hope to release nice scripts.
  12. I was posting my scripts on the Ofiicial Arma 3 Forum, but feels like off-home and will post then here since now. I was also planning a Epoch Mod server, but i already have one DayZ Epoch server (high populated) and one server in my mod BRPVP, so lets leave the idea cooking.
  13. Linux, Those CSAT Tools seens great. But there is no update on the topic for a long time.
  14. Hi, I still have a Epoch server :) I'm having some problems with infiStar antihack. To say true it's not helping as a antihack, but the admin tools are quite nice. Any of you know about a nice admin tools? Thankyou a lot!
  15. I did this one. It's the culminance of a long way doing Safezones for Epoch
  16. The Mod is now for Arma 3. Steam Workshop page: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=649594195 Main post updated.
  17. I would love to have only the Admin Tools of infiStar.
  18. Thanks a lot He-Man. Richie, it's wonderfull!
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