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  1. Does anyone know how to move the information in the white text that shows your balance etc. as my infistar debug monitor is covering it up.
  2. No... Because all that will do is rush zupa and we'll just end up with a load of broken code
  3. Is there a way to get the menu back after you exit from it? Because for me the menu comes up when I log in and only then and when I close it i can't get it back.
  4. You can either wait about 10 hours and hope that it appears or use dayz launcher. A way to check if your server is up is by launching arma through steam and trying to join through there.
  5. Just include the version number at the start of the server name and wait, it could take about a day, mine did. Another way to check if your server is actually working is by using dayz launcher
  6. Ah my server is now properly showing on commander, just wait it out and it'l be fine
  7. well my server is working fine on dayz launcher so it must just be a bug with commander that dotjosh has yet to fix, or maybe he loads new servers onto commander at set times or something like that.
  8. My firewall is turned off completely and that opens all the ports up (i know it isn't safe and everything else)
  9. Nope, that's not working for me, I've tried the version number at the front, middle and back. What steam ports are you people running your servers from?
  10. Mine dosen't show still, what is your server name, maybe i have done it in the wrong format
  11. Does anyone know of a good way to contact dotjosh?
  12. Ah Spolier tags didn't work, oh well, it's there
  13. I'll unlock the server and add 0.2.5 and see what happens
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