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    Well the mechanics of them spawning out in the middle of nowhere is good for the game and camping in general though I would agree the numbers should be reduced a tad going off what you said. Will jump ingame tomorrow and check it out because I find it hard to believe that the drones call in the super AI so quickly.
  2. Wow absolutely terrible results from the MWNW competition. I wouldn't class any of the other mods listed as winners as mods at all, they all seem to add very little extra on top of Arma 3. Especially that total mod winner .. WTF that is BS.. a few weapon reskins and barely noticeable sound improvements. Epoch is the true overall winner and it is what is driving Arma 3 sales.
  3. iRAGE


    Not had chance to try 0.3 yet with all the fun in ROK, logging in each day to find my entire base vanished. Are these sappers and AI still only spawning in cities and high loot areas ? Or do they now spawn everywhere ?... like little remote spots where campers hide for hours! If the latter then it sounds like a good thing to me :)
  4. iRAGE

    Server Updates?

    Sounds awesome. They could remove Electronic Components completely from regular loot spawn with this! Making Drones an essential and unique source for certain items.. maybe inc metal scraps too :)
  5. A lot of admins with popular servers wont increase build limit for server performance reasons...
  6. DPixels here :D Bad idea bro. We dont want server world limits breached on every server in a matter of days now do we. There needs to be a change to bias of building material in loot rather than selling directly from traders imo. Right now, building mats are way too low in spawn rate compaired with gear so that needs a change but selling direct from traders is a cheap and negative way of doing it tbh.
  7. Oi! I havent seen any complaints re the server files so release dem frickin server files so we can all move on from 252 without getting the version issues these other tards are getting. Nevermind wait another 2 weeks damn y'all :D
  8. Real pain in the butt this issue. Reported it to the admins on my server unaware this was a problem across the game. You hook the vehicles and lift off no problem but as soon as you start to fly forward (carefully and controlled) that ATRQ pops sending you spiralling. Thankfully it has never killed me as somehow I still end up being able to land at trader or in a open field ;) Defo needs a look at by either the epoch team or BIS if its arma related because the Huron is basically the only other with tow function but is rarer and without this issue.
  9. The first logo/ nav bar is tricky to insert as that grey bar flickers on and off so you have to be quick. Once you manage to get it dropped in place its quiet smooth and easy. Nice job!
  10. Are you supposed to be able to drag the header and nav bar over to the webpage ? If so they nothing is happening and doesn't work in any browser I use.. IE 11 & chrome.
  11. Can it be set to permanent ? (baring in mind server admins will have clean up scripts anyway)
  12. Seems like a cheap way to counter "lockbox simulator 2015" spam. They need to make this a very rare loot instead. One thing I need to know is, am I going to have move my boxes of loot that are built away from my base because they will become unlockable-to-all ? At first I was thinking we would see Plot pole spam because of this but they are also implementing a Plot pole limit too I believe ?
  13. Hello again all, I know there were other threads discussing the vehicle locking system on A3Epoch and most seemed to agree that a change needs to be made to the current 30 minute lock. I'm not sure I would like to go back to the old system where you get a key when you buy it but I do think proper permanent locking stystem with a rare looted / constructable lockpick kit (with chance of success/failure) needs to be implemented at some point soon. Cars would still have a chance to be stolen and could be destroyed but it would take away the annoyance of finding your vehicle stolen. I only keep one vehicle atm and everyday it gets stolen. Today I just saw a guy knick my new one. No effort at all. I guess I should ask, is there already something in the works for the Vehicle locking system or will it just be that admins can increase the time before unlock-to-all ? (due in 0.3 release??)
  14. Aye this now seems to be the "why Overpoch" thread. Let me just say, I've had no failed transactions since someone posted that moving the mouse makes it failed so thanks for that, but I still think the system needs tweaking to remove this and bring times down a bit. As for overpoch that is defo the most popular mod combo now and of course, not possible without epoch as the base mod.
  15. Well I'm not making it up. There is a problem with time of deposits and failing (nice to know the moving the mouse is a cause). I pay on a number of well known servers and its the same on each. I'm kind of surprised how few people see an issue with this system. As one of mod team said, they are working on it, so.. good :)
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