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  1. So after completly resetting everything and using the provided Files from @salival it is finally working now. Thank you two for not giving up on me
  2. But i did a clear install from the server hoster already which gave me a fresh server and mission again. Anyway ill try installing again
  3. What could it be then? Im kinda outa options after completly reinstalling from scratch
  4. Goddamn myself and my sloppiness, awesome work from you but sadly i still cant test because i always get connection failed which looks like this on the RPT file: Server error: Player without identity Martin (id 1280092200)
  5. Well it is mentioned by DZMS but it doesnt start on its own. salival installed it for me and sent me back the files (He also updated DZMS) so there are no more errors there, but WAI is still not running sadly :/ The line [] execVM "\z\addons\dayz_server\WAI\init.sqf"; is above the one of DZMS and below [] spawn server_spawnEvents;
  6. Ofc i used the folder method before but now i am using the pbo one.
  7. Thanks for doing the scripting for me but there are still no missions spawning
  8. Sorry but the RPT exceeded the pastebin free limit so i uploaded it to my dropbox if thats ok arma2oaserver.RPT Edit: oh and i made sure that i had a radio, because wai_radio_announce is true and i checked the map (where i should see them anyway?) but nothing there. Also i searched inside the log file for terms like WAI, and Wicked to see if its even recognized and the only thing showing up was from DZMS like mentioned above.
  9. Hi, So im running an Epoch and Overwatch 0.2.5 Overpoch Server and i installed some scripts (mainly DZMS and Wicked AI). DZMS Missions seem to be no problem, but Wicked AI wont spawn, although it is mentioned in DZMS in Log (WickedAI Found! Using WickedAI's Relations!). The first time i used the OverPoch files which seemed to be not working for like the OP mentioned, the second try i used the recommended ones but the same issue. Is there anything i can do? If you need further information just let me know kind regards
  10. Ok thx for the Answers but it seens like it works just fine after redownloading all including Arma 2 and OA and Epoch and normal DayZ Mod as well
  11. He did that on his own and it still gives us this error ....
  12. So my Friend is getting the same problem again and again after about 5 minutes of playing and it says this message. After he relogs his inventory gets cleaned and he only gets his Weapons back without ammo and also his Backpack stays. What can he do about it? Pls. help
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