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  1. Any chance at October 31. comming the Epoch 1.0.6 or maybe a "few" days later?
  2. Hi, first, sorry my English... If any player die on my server, try to respawn and die again, while he spawn not far he's dead body. I want to stop this, and I think the solution is when the player do halo jump, the parachute will automatic open when he near the ground, and the fresh spawn player cant die, so maybe he dont want respawn again and again... I find the halo jump-parachute code in the dayz_code/compile/BIS_fnc/fn_halo.spf, but I cant know, how I do this. Can anybody help me with this?
  3. I add it, and my server verifySignatures = 0; The problem still consist :(
  4. Hi! I have an Epoch server without any problems. I try to add a new weapon (Ussr_M200). I copied the .PBO and the keys my @MyMod/Addons. If I play and pick up the M200 I got this massage: "cannot play edit this mission dependant on downloadable content" I click the OK, and no problem. If I editing my Mission.SQM and add the AddOns Ussr_M200, when I try to join my server "Waiting for host". My server RPT is: "cannot play edit this mission dependant on downloadable content ussr_M200". How I can fix this?
  5. Hi, I want to edit my @Dayz_Epoch/Addons/dayz_code.pbo but when I edit, it lose the digital signature. Can I create a new digital signature this file, for my server? I dont want to create a lot exception in my MPMission/Mymap/init.SQF file. Sorry, my English is bad...
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