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  1. Oh right, silly me :D Thank you very much for taking the time to sort that for me, help is much appreciated.
  2. Hi, I am new to this sort of thing and not 100% sure what I am doing. I have followed the instructions to the letter and I am unable to get the admin menu to show. If someone could take a look at my rpt log and init.sqf and point me in the right direction, I'd be really grateful. Thank you :) rpt.txt init.txt
  3. Just wondering how you fixed this? My server gets stuck at the same point. I have followed the instructions to the letter so I'm not sure why this isn't working. :( edit: turns out to be a corrupt pbo. all working fine thanks for the missions :)
  4. is this first line mispelt? should it be if (_iItem == "ChainSaw") then { not if (_iItem == "Chainsaw") then { edit: Didn't realize this post was so old..
  5. I would tell but I actually haven't got a clue how. :D I just did it by accident whilst doing something else. lol.
  6. Hi guys, Just wanted to say thank you all for posting this up. I am completely new to this sort of thing and never done it before but you guys have helped loads and now my server can enjoy walking zombies! Thank again. :) edit: except now i can't salvage anymore lol edit 2: fixed it :)
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