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  1. Include file z\adonss\dayz_code\system\BIS_Effects\init.sqf not found Это как если он есть? Проходит некоторое время и заработало! Хоть в чем проблема? It is as if he is? It takes some time and earned! Though what's the problem? Sorry for bad english!
  2. А я в ориджинсе 1,7,8,5 использую ботов которые прописаны! А остальное говно только грузит ФПС!!!!
  3. Epoch + Taviana 2.0 got someone that deliver? On older versions epocha I put no problems, and only works on old version Taviani ( If someone put, share experiences. I apologize for the bad English! Google translator! Can not find in init.sqf dayz_code. While he is there, and the game vylitaet .. now not at home, Cellphones, and the house has a bit of a screen, so I'll post it I can not put the file, since then the allowable size of 1k. "Include file z \ addons \ dayz_code \ system \ BIS_Effects \ init.sqf not found" Here are copied. Tried to go to other servers, where writes Tavia 2.0 so the same mistake! Taviani downloaded the new 2.0, I thought that something with the mod, did not help .... If you know, help, Thank you!
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