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  1. Hey all, Looking to edit the Map Screen Briefing section to include server Rules, Info, Tips, Etc. I know Altis Life RPG has a brieifing.sqf and Wasteland does as well. Did the Epoch Devs disable this feature? If so can I re-enable it? Thanks for any help or advice! Zero
  2. Horbin, Nice work on this AI Mod! I am setting it up to run on a Test Server with HC. All is good, HC stuff is set up and works fine. Only question I have is how long does it take for that TestMission1 to spawn? I started up the server and been sitting here for 45 minutes hoping it will trigger so I can verify it works. Thanks for your help and hard work! Zero
  3. Feel free too make it however you like! :) Could also just make a trader out of the vending machine instead of scripting. Zero
  4. Will work with both. Only ones that wont work are the ones from Raymixs Emerald Tools! Zero
  5. Damn. Wouldn't let me attach the sound file. Says I dotn have permission. Will find another way to post it later..my apologies. EDIT: Try this for the sound file. https://www.dropbox.com/s/tcbtugkx92m7h7k/vendingmachine.ogg Zero
  6. Hi all! Thought I would share a simple little script I put together. I am by no means a professional and this probably could be cleaner and better written but it works and is a cool little addition. This script is also a simple example of what can be accomplished with your server. Start with small scripting projects and have fun learning. So here it is. I studied the code from a few others and threw this together.. Add this code to your fn_selfactions.sqf at the very bottom... //------------------------------------------------ Vending Machine --------------------------------// private["_playerPos","_nearVend"]; _playerPos = getPosATL player; _nearVend = count nearestObjects [_playerPos, ["MAP_vending_machine"], 4] > 0; if (_nearVend) then { if (s_player_buySoda < 0) then { s_player_buySoda = player addaction[("<t color=""#00C732"">" + ("Buy Soda") +"</t>"),"Vending\venddrink.sqf"]; }; } else { player removeAction s_player_buySoda; s_player_buySoda = -1; }; //--------------------------------------------- Vending Machine End ---------------------------// Make a folder in your root of your mission file called "Vending" and make a empty file named "venddrink.sqf", then copy and paste this... //by ZeroK00L private["_playerPos","_canVend"]; call gear_ui_init; _playerPos = getPosATL player; _canVend = count nearestObjects [_playerPos, ["MAP_vending_machine"], 4] > 0; _soda = ["ItemSodaRabbit","ItemSodaOrangeSherbet","ItemSodaLvg","ItemSodaClays","ItemSodaSmasht","ItemSodaPepsi","ItemSodaMdew","ItemSodaCoke","ItemSodaLemonade"]; if (_canVend) then { playsound "vendingmachine"; sleep 2; player playActionNow "PutDown"; player addMagazine 'ItemSodaRabbit'; cutText ["You received a Soda from the Vending Machine!", "PLAIN DOWN"]; }; OPTIONAL IF YOU WANT THE SOUND! Open up description.ext and add this to your sounds class. If you dont already have one you can make one.. class CfgSounds { sounds[] ={vendingmachine}; class vendingmachine { name="vendingmachine"; sound[]={\Vending\vendingmachine.ogg,0.9,1}; titles[] = {}; }; }; Then add the attached sound file to your "Vending" folder. Voila! If you notice, in the venddrink.sqf I put an array for all the sodas & beer the game can use. _soda = ["ItemSodaRabbit","ItemSodaOrangeSherbet","ItemSodaLvg","ItemSodaClays","ItemSodaSmasht","ItemSodaPepsi","ItemSodaMdew","ItemSodaCoke","ItemSodaLemonade"]; Maybe if I have time I will create a random chance for different sodas to come out. Also I might make it so it takes money from the player. If anyone wants to tackle those items and share please do. Have fun with it :) This script can even be modified and used on the Refrigerators to give the player canned foods. P.S You will need to place a vending machine somewhere on the map. Classname is "MAP_vending_machine". I have tried to use Raymix's Emerald tools but the script doesn't recognize the vending machine placed by that tool. Would be cool if it did...so use the editor for now. :) Zero
  7. Ok, Just another shot in the dark... Do you have access to your Hive.ini file?? If so look for this field and make sure it matches your database... [Characters] ;The field name that Player's IDs are stored in (unique per game license) ;Some table layouts have this as PlayerID, and some as PlayerUID, that's why this is configurable IDField = PlayerUID ;The field name that Player's World Position and rotation is stored in ;Enables you to run multiple different maps (different instances) off the same character table ;WSField = Worldspace Just a thought.. Zero
  8. Hi, When you moved to Vilayer, did you transfer over your DayZ.St database as well? I had this issue as well when I tried to move over my backup of the database from DayZ.St to Vilayer. Started over with a new database and Voila! I know making players start over sucks but sometimes a necessary evil... Zero
  9. Hey, That is normal. Your indestructable mod is only for player buildables. Server side map addons will respawn after restart.... Zero
  10. Can you post the SQF that is spawning the double building? Also, keep them server side. Much cleaner way to do it especially if you have alot of map addons! Zero
  11. Hello, To answer this posters intital question, I would be happy to help setting up or showing you the ropes on getting your server going. We had a server with DayZ.St and I am intimately familiar with all the pains that come from dealing with them. In reality thiswill be a constant issue. You are somewhat restricted with what you can do when working with a Hosting company. Vilayer is DEF a better choice but has some issues too. Running a dedicated machine is the best way to go but requires experience setting up the servers and configuring the network. I just wouldnt recommend playing on the same machine you are hosting from. Like Brockie said, the requirements are really not that crazy. Arma 2 only needs really 1 Core per server. The biggest issue will be your network. Your going to need unlimited bandwith and a pretty fast connection for your players. If you need help still, PM me and we will see what we can do :) Zero
  12. For both of you, this realeas works really well and as intended. I have had this on our server since it was released and Friendly Tagging does indeed work. I also have snap building and Raymixs Emerald Interior Design tools working. :) Zero
  13. Hi, Maybe you can provide more info? Post your RPT log files? Has the mission file been modified? If so what has been modified? By the way, this forum is for Scripts/Mods that have been written and released to public. You might get more help in the appropriate forum. Zero
  14. Hello, I use Nightmares Private Hive Tools. Google. Theres a tutorial on how to set it up. IT has an option to delete all vehicles with empty inventory. Make sure to have your players put at least one item in their vehicles inventory on the vehicles you want to keep. Then go into Private Hive Tools. Click Hive Cleaner and Delete all Vehicles with Empty Inventory. Then restart server. Make sure also in your init.sqf you have the Max Vehicles line set...looks like this... MaxVehicleLimit = 50; // Default = 50 Change to whatever you want. This will limit how many vehicles the server spawns and "in theory" the server should cleanup any number over what you set but I have found this to be faulty. Hope this helps. Without PHP Tools you will need to run a SQL query on your database....http://dayz.st/w/MySQL <---Keep in mind with this link some of the information is old but should give you an idea on what to do with SQL queries. Zero
  15. Hello, This happens to about 10% of players on our server. Haven't pinpointed what is causing it but don't be so quick to blame your server. Some folks have high ping and will get kicked. Also some just have shitty internet. Some might be running on a very slow system and like it says, it's taking to long for the client to respond. Zero
  16. Oh sorry. lol. I havent looked back at the tutorial in quite awhile. After restart..
  17. Halv, How is this script executed? Sorry if it is obvious, running on little sleep. lol Zero EDIT: This should definitely be added to tutorial, would make it way easier on some folks thanks to Halv! I already have custom fields put in with large amounts of plants and AI guarding them ;) I want my players to meet a challenge. I am now considering using Halvs script as well for some little small random fields for new players to visit with out AI spawns. Both options would make the tutorial well rounded :)
  18. No unfortunately, not without heavy modification to the game files and some custom modeiling and texturing, etc. You can change the price they sell for though. :) Zero EDIT:That retextured SUV is hilarious!!!
  19. We will also need your mission PBO. What Map are you using? Zero
  20. Do this... In your Database under server_traders table. Find the Trader. IN his Static section put the following... ["ItemBriefcase10oz","ItemKiloHemp",1,10,"buy","Hemp","Gold Bar 10oz",101] Now open up your Sever_traders.sqf in your mission file. Find the Trader. For my custom trader it looks like this.. // Hemp Dealer menu_Hooker4 = [ [["Hemp",693]], [["ItemGoldBar10oz","ItemKiloHemp",1,10,"buy","Hemp","Gold Bar 10oz",101]], "neutral" Done. The trader will now buy 10 stacks of Hemp! :) Zero P.s. If you need help, heres my teamspeak. sj01.gameservers.com:9330 If I am not on message me here with a meet time. If Im in my office on TS just poke me!
  21. Wondering if this will be in the new Epoch Build, I imagine it will right? Gonna wait to see, that way I dont have to go back through and undo any changes... Zero
  22. If still not working. Please post these three files... 1.) whatevercity.sqf 2.) server_functions.sqf 3.) mission.sqm :) Zero
  23. Step 8? Is that the debug setup? Heres my tagfriendly private["_target", "_caller", "_callerID", "_targetID", "_friendlies", "_rfriendlies","_found"]; _target = _this select 0; _caller = _this select 1; call fnc_usec_medic_removeActions; r_action = false; _callerID = getPlayerUID _caller; _found=[_callerID,"AX"] call KRON_StrInStr; if (_found) then { _callerID=[_callerID] call KRON_convertPlayerUID; }; _targetID = getPlayerUID _target; _found=[_targetID,"AX"] call KRON_StrInStr; if (_found) then { _targetID=[_targetID] call KRON_convertPlayerUID; }; _friendlies = _caller getVariable ["friendlies", []]; _friendlies set [count _friendlies, _targetID]; _caller setVariable ["friendlies", _friendlies, true]; _rfriendlies = _target getVariable ["friendlies", []]; if !(_callerID in _rfriendlies) then { titleText [(localize "STR_EPOCH_ACTIONS_8"), "PLAIN DOWN"]; //To Caller /* PVS/PVC - Skaronator */ PVDZE_send = [_target,"tagFriendly",[_target]]; //To Target publicVariableServer "PVDZE_send"; }; Thanks for your help! Zero P.s. How can I get my Mission PBO to you? Also I dont use Infistar or anything like that. I have a Dedicated server.
  24. Thanks for all the replies guys! I think I will wait it out. When I saw all of the RPT spam I freaked and didn't even try to test all the scripts to see if they work I just assumed they would be broken. Why is there a performance drop? From reading the change log it seems they have supposedly fixed a lot of issues.... Zero
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