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  1. Striker, I know your script doesn't touch anything related to maintain, but ever since I put in vector building some items do not properly maintain when updated from plot pole. Is there something in the vector building that changes the objects themselves? Really odd....
  2. Server FPS with an 11k object database we tested getting 50 server frames at times. It was truly brilliant. This was on my test server with migrated database though and no players online. Still, quite magical.
  3. Any way to add UID action to right click options? I want only certain moderators on my server to be able to right click options. So, some of my right click options I want to be activated based on UID. Thoughts?
  4. Trying to add this to my server with UID options. I want my lower level moderators to have the ability to deploy certain objects on command. How can we add UID ability to right click options? For example: only people with certain UIDs can activate certain right click scripts.
  5. Bro.. I apologize for getting irate :( I was really frustrated. Hit me on my teamspeak if you could. I'd LOVE to get this to work on my Namalsk server so I can finally launch it ^_^ my ts is ts3.thorlife.com
  6. Does anyone know how to fix the check wallet issue? About 1/10 players on my server experience a glitch with check wallet. They receive an error stating null currency. After they receive this error, they can then deposit unlimited cash. Anyone know how to fix this? Offering 20$ for anyone that can offer a solution. PM me or drop a line in this thread. Once we get this resolved, we can share with community. I know other servers are also experiencing this problem.
  7. ElDubya. Doesn't work. This is not possible without adding in additional launch parameters. Anyone saying this works provides zero evidence it actually does. I have worked through this for ages and confirmed it is not possible. I attempted without anti hack, with AI skins, and using the method described in that link. Bottom line is... doesn't work.
  8. Any Help would be great Thanks, Re I am also having this exact issue... you are able to maintain, but it does not reflect in database. Not using Plot 4 life and also installed SC coin version.
  9. I have confirmed. Vector building is preventing maintain. Not sure why... in full investigation mode now.
  10. Oddly... I've been getting increasing reports that base decay is occurring even after players maintain. Any reason Vector building could be causing maintain issues??
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