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  1. Hello all. I was so excited about Arma3 Epoch I went and finally got Arma3 worked through the install and managed to escape the lame spawn point campers and headed to the wilderness. I'm having trouble finding anything to do though. Other than escaping a dog or two my time is spent traveling from one town to another looking for a weapon or clothing. Every place I search is completely empty. I know this is still very early in development so I'm not complaining. I just have a feeling I'm missing out on something. So... Here are some questions.. ;) Dogs, Can we tame them at all? Or are they only a menace? The AI bad guys... Where are they? I haven't seen anything but a couple dogs in the wilderness or towns. Can I build a camp? Fireplace? Tent? I checked the WIKI but the pickings there are as scarce as the Epoch towns. Is there a "How To" thread somewhere I haven't found? Thanks in advance, Gentry
  2. I'm guessing it's not the same as the DayZ Epoch mod. I can't seem to find a keybind in my options. It's probably something dumb I'm sure. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Is that icon on the main menu Moses? If so, I don't see it. I'll redoanload as you say and see what's what.
  4. I get a message when a server is full. I didn't get a message saying the server is full and the multiplayer menu says it is not full.
  5. Oh, I've tried clicking the server links too but that does the same thing.
  6. I must be doing something wrong... I've used the Download and Install button on the launcher and everything seems fine. I clicked the Play button and it brings me to the Arma 3 multiplayer menu but when I click the server to join it starts to join but them pops me back to the multiplayer menu with no message explaining why. The installer folder is in my C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Arma 3 I don't need to be whitelisted or have a password, right?
  7. I can recreate this bug. Run along normaly and hit V to vault over a fence and boom, I'm stuck running. The only keys this disables is QWEASDXCZ. All the other keys like escape or enter work. I'll try switching weapons next time I happens.
  8. Hello all! I was looking for some help. What I would love to have is all my players spawn in with a dog, all ready to go. I've been looking around to see if anyone had a mod like that and found Pixel at opendayz.net http://opendayz.net/threads/dayz-mission-addin-serverside-scripts.7840/ has one but since Epoch has them added already I think I'd rather just have the players spawn in with a dog. As it stands now it seems, at least on my server, that no one ever uses a dog. This might be because the dogs run around so fast it's nearly impossible to get close enough to tame them. I really like the dogs and having a part of the game go completely unused like that drive me nuts. Anyway, If anyone has an idea on how to simply add a dog to a player when they log in I'd love to use it. Thanks in advance, Gentry
  9. Well, I messed up something.. I think I turned on the debug options. It shows on the game map large yellow circles and red static spawn points. It also shows where each AI are on the game map. Now I can't find where to turn these off.
  10. Anyone have an idea how to do that? What I'd love to see is when you log in you automaticaly get a dog. I was hoping to edit the fn_selfActions.sqf file do do this but I can't quite get it to work. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  11. jeez. I didn't even think about looking at my client files for that. Thanks. it works great!
  12. I have a DayZ.ST server and I'm not sure I can access the dayz_code folder. Is there a way to get the folder I don't know about or is there another way to add this mod to the towing script?
  13. Thanks man. I started over with a clean mission file and added it all from scratch and caught all my problems. Lesson learned. ;)
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