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  1. I only localhost it currently. First trying to set everything up, the way i want to, then i start actualy hosting a server online. And i have it set as servermod in start params.... so that explains it. Its my first time playing Arma 3 Epoch so i kinda try things out on my own. I prefer having the survival mechanics and all tweaked in a way that they matter, without being annoying. Amount of loot needs to set just right for me. I enjoy having PvE threats, like an AI base and Ai missions. Kinda like i was used to in Arma 2 Epoch days (which was my favourite version of dayz). I don't really know yet what features vanilla Arma 3 Epoch has (especially when it comes to events and AI antagonists). So i just try things out for now.
  2. Nope, but now i have... well that was easy. It has been a while since i last hosted anything arma (and it was arma 2), forgot about keys being a thing. Thanks for the help. I can join the server now, but the @epoch still doesn't show up under expansions in the server browser. I am also not sure if everything is working correctly. When i select "vehicle maintanance" on a vehicle. It gets repaired. Without me even using any ressources.
  3. I tried all of the above things, did not change anything. It just seems like the "@Epoch" files are not loaded or something, because its not showing up in the expansions in the server browser: https://imgur.com/t0HhWZP I also get kicked of the server for having epoch files enabled on my client.
  4. https://pastebin.com/U6KZ4cau Thanks for looking into this.
  5. I try to get an epoch server running for the first time in arma 3. I followed this guide: For some reason the @Epoch and @EpochHive files are not loaded by the server. When i start the server and try to join it shows me the usual accepted keys problem. Im pretty sure its the server missing the files, because @Epoch and @EpochHive are not showing up under "expansions" in the server browser. I got both folders in my EpochServer folder as described in the guide. I use the following .bat to start the server, just edited the paths for config files and the server exe. https://github.com/EpochModTeam/Epoch/blob/experimental/Server_Install_Pack/restartserver_x64-example.bat The server is running tanoa for some reason, even though it says altis in the "server.cfg". At first i thought i messed up with the path for the server.cfg and i double checked, but it seems to be fine. It asks me for the password when joining the server, which is also set in the "server.cfg". So yeah im confused, probably missed something. Edit: Ok the server is not running tanoa it just shows that loading screen in (my) arma sometimes for some reason even when joining a different map.
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