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  1. You create a file and save it as .sqf. Hell could just call it motherfucker.sqf then add this to the discription.ext class CfgEmod { override = 1; file = "Motherfucker.sqf"; }; Then you need to create a file to compile final and such.. But then you would need to know how to add in the cfgpricing defines.. If you are getting stuck at this precompile step you really shouldn't go down the mas+epoch route (since it will require you to trail blaze).
  2. @KiloSwiss I got around the battleye set damage kick by changing the the bottom of the init.sqf (client) if(toLower worldName in ["chernarus","chernarus_summer"])then{ private ["_randomobject1","_randomobject2"] _randomobject2 = ([4654.62,9593.63,0] nearestObject 145259); _randomobject2 setDamage 1; _randomobject1 = ([4654.62,9593.63,0] nearestObject 145260); _randomobject1 setDamage 1; }; Then creating filters for the set damage !="_randomobject2 setDamage 1;" !="_randomobject1 setDamage 1;" and for scripts txt line 7 setDamage !="_randomobject2 setDamage 1;" !="_randomobject1 setDamage 1;" Or I just simply broke the script. I know you noted that a fresh install fixed your issue, however that wasn't my remedy. Very well written script :) Will keep those advertisements running.
  3. I used this script awhile back.. The issue is how deteremtal this loot spawner will be to performance. This seems to have trouble cleaning itself up because of the epoch incompatibilities. You could replace the ground weapon holder with a epoch furniture class name. Additionally you could have items added into the epoch furniture when it spawns the object, however this script will do it on spawn NOT when a player searches the item. So you would beable to loot the unsearched object then search it for a epoch side loot spawn. If I was to use this script, I would have it spawn additional epoch furniture at a low spawn rate. This epoch furniture would contain MAS weapons via add weponcargoglobal. However you would have the floating box issue. PLUS people could loot these boxes without searching. Then apply epoch's cleanup method.
  4. If it is a big enough issue you could just create an if statement where if player is not in vehicle then it will execute the following code.. If a player is in a vehicle then it wouldn't exec this code.. Or play around with fnc_find safe position.
  5. When you search it, it will call EPOCH_LootIT via client side.. Which will then in turn call the loot container (server side) then loot object(server side).. Something to keep in mind is there are three mineral classes.. MineralDepositCopper_EPOCH MineralDepositGold_EPOCH MineralDepositSilver_EPOCH Which means the problem may lie in MineralDepositGold_EPOCH MineralDepositSilver_EPOCH but not MineralDepositCopper_EPOCH What I would recommend when debugging is identifying which of these classes are spawning since we seem to have a crowd saying it works, then another crowd saying it isn't.
  6. You could also just create a 2nd pbo on the server side and throw it in the addon's folder. Like you could just throw all the dzms code into a new pbo, change file paths and create a .cpp file
  7. Ive been awake for too long but im starting to think that the dummy.sqf in the system folder in epoch_code.pbo has something to do with AI disappearing. I'll continue my struggle tomorrow :)
  8. any player that hasnt logged in within 30 days is deleted any vehicle not touched within 30 days is deleted any buildable not touched within 30 days is deleted These are edited values, the vanilla values make much more sense.
  9. stop spamming please kk thx.
  10. There is a cleanup feature in the server config (epochconfig.hpp). expiresBuilding = "2592000"; // expiration date in seconds for buildings expiresPlayer = "2592000"; // expiration date in seconds for players expiresVehicle = "2592000"; // expiration date in seconds for vehicles
  11. K post the errors and we will create the exception.
  12. A few servers are using the A3 wasteland code to spawn shit on the ground. I haven't done it myself, but that is essentially what their attempting/doing. see https://github.com/Panaetius/ZCG_A3Wasteland_Altis/tree/master/addons/Lootspawnerfor inspiration.
  13. Holy shit thank you zupa. That line made me find a bad object in a database, surprised no one liked that post.
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