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  1. THIS. so much. THIS. yes please. if this would be integrated to official epoch ... i would be VERY happy
  2. Well the Single Currency 2.0 thingy works quite alright, still have certain kinks and bugs, people not being able to rejoin the server correctly and shit. But I fully agree there needs to be a better way the way SC2.0 installs is ONLY good if you run chernarus because there its just plug n play basically, but because they changed all the files in the server.pbo its a nightmare to compare, even files that they didnt really touch dont compare correctly because they deleted all comments in the code and stuff ... completely unnecessary imho. So far got it to work with Napf, P4L, SnapPro+Vector, PlotManagement and some other scripts ... but the kinks remain -_-
  3. I have to look into that should be pretty simple I think to prevent this.
  4. Hey Zupa I got this problem: Got SC2.0v0.4 and Vector Build + Snap Pro installed (no P4L) Placed some buildables to test snap build .. all working, I get remove option (important) looking at the things. After I installed plot management on top of that I cant seem to be able to remove things anymore, I do not get any options for removal. Tried adding me to the plotpole, nothing, restarted server, nothing aswell. This is kinda weird, why isn't working, I dont want to have to use P4L, because with P4L for my earlier missionfile it worked always flawlessly.
  5. I got it to work differenttly already, also there are better scripts to accomplish this particular thing, like ESS that I already mentioned here, does exactly what I want it to do.
  6. has do to with this : DZE_DefaultSkin = [["maleskin"],["femaleskin"]]; afaik you need to put in the skinparcel names like 'skin_soldier_dz' but hey glad to amuse you
  7. yes I got it work basically you need to alter ALL the skin assigning parts in both files, player_setup.sqf and player_monitor.fsm, let it check for playerUID and according to that assign a specific model. messy but it works. its better to use the ESS system thats the enhanced spawn system, lets you choose your spawn location and class/loadout, which can all be modified pretty easily. http://opendayz.net/threads/release-ess-enhanced-spawn-selection.19998/
  8. afaik, arma3 handles animation/skeletons and everything associated with it completely different than arma2 does. so no compability I guess.
  9. As soon as I saw the thread I was thinking exactly about this female soldier skinpack, pretty awesome one. Awol should certainly - if not already done - ask the creator for persmission to use it.
  10. I am curious if that is intentional or not but I was looking at your code and was formatting it and I saw that if (_total > _HPBefore) then { this if loop has no closing part }; thats kinda weirdm shouldnt this create some errors down the road?
  11. No message that it is cleared, nothing in the RPT logs. I think the trigger condition or so is just broken Ural Attack, Destroyed Ural, Medical Camp, and some others aswell I think. Tried the fixes for those mission that are proposed in the thread, at least the ones I could find.
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