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  1. SadBoy1981

    Dev Suggestion - cctv cameras

    This is your idea or idea from Exile mod where next update add: Added a security camera / CCTV system. You can now place security cameras in your territory and look through them by a camera terminal software of a laptop.
  2. SadBoy1981

    Happy Birthday AWOL!!!!

    From me too!
  3. SadBoy1981

    Group management

    Is there someone who can help with icon config? i try in icons.sqf few of ways to change icons but still have same green icon. Where can be problem that i cant change it? i use _Plicon = "\ca\ui\data\ui_server_addons_ca.paa"; but still have this:
  4. Is this can be used together with coint system? found version on github
  5. SadBoy1981

    [Release] Deploy Bike Extendet

    Is it possible to add coint price as payment to craft something?
  6. SadBoy1981

    Add custom vehicles problem

    sleep 60; if (isServer) then { private ["_objs"];
  7. SadBoy1981

    Custom map markers?

    i run it from init.sqf example: [] execVM "marker_1_pos.sqf"; [] execVM "marker_1_name.sqf";marker_1_pos.sqf_this = createMarker ["each marker name must to be different", [3000.6, 10000.1, 0]]; _this setMarkerShape "ELLIPSE"; _this setMarkerColor "ColorRed"; _this setMarkerAlpha 0.9; _this setMarkerSize [100, 100];marker_1_name.sqf _this = createMarker ["each marker name must to be different", [3000.6, 10000.1, 0]]; _this setMarkerText "Text on Map"; _this setMarkerType "mil_dot"; _this setMarkerColor "ColorBlack";
  8. Looks like infistar dont allow players to see on hud how much they have coins on hands and bank. Is there some fix for this?
  9. SadBoy1981

    Zombies and demons

    Then looks like i dont make it work for my altis epoch server, dont know how to run it from server side etc. Maybe you can share some step by step guide how you make it. Not so much info around about how run this mod for epoch server.
  10. SadBoy1981

    Zombies and demons

    So zombies/spawn.sqf i run from my sensor class in mission.sqm From where i must to run zombies/start.sqf ? init.sqf?
  11. SadBoy1981

    Disable ugly spawn box

    My spawn box newer was as default. Just want to help for people who dont know how to do that! =) Not hard to make it.
  12. SadBoy1981

    Change the location of the Spawn Box (Debug_Box)

    Yes, add sensor class above markers. position[] = {23600.1,0.1,18000.1}; //old spawn This must be default altis spawn box cords. Centr of spawn box Just make tp_to_new_spawn.sqfand add into : player setpos [24045.8, 18115.1, 0.1]; //new spawn box cordsTo make new teleports from new spawn box add in altis.h located @EpochHive\addons\a3_epoch_server_settings\configs\maps\altis.H telePos[] = { //FROM SPAWN BOX CORDS TO TRADER CITY CORDS { "Transport_C_EPOCH", { -0.286865, 8.17383, -10.3098 }, "", { 5479.5, 15000.2, 0.16426 } }, // Trader city 1 { "Transport_W_EPOCH", { -14.4316, 0.112793, -10.3098 }, "", { 13355.46, 14565, 0.00154114 } }, // Trader city 2 { "Transport_E_EPOCH", { 13.5127, 0.410156, -10.3098 }, "", { 25207.9, 21827.1, 0.00143814 } }, // Trader city 3 { "Transport_E_EPOCH", { 13.1127, 0.410156, -10.3098 }, "", { 20089.9, 7333.1, 0.00143814 } } // Trader city 4 };Just edit cords where your new teleports must to be, and also destination cords to traders or some other custom places.
  13. SadBoy1981

    Rhs on epoch

    ADD @rhs to your server root folder. add keys to your keys folder Players need to add mod to STEAM\steamapps\common\Arma 3 And keys to STEAM\steamapps\common\Arma 3\Keys Before startserver you need to add @rhs to start params.
  14. SadBoy1981

    Server doesn't restart

    Use BEC to make restarts. BEC/Config\Scheduler.xml My config for 4 hours restart: <?xml version="1.0"?> <Scheduler> <job id='0'> <day>1,2,3,4,5,6,7</day> <start>040000</start> <runtime>040000</runtime> <loop>-1</loop> <cmd>#shutdown</cmd> </job> </Scheduler>Alos i have infistar config to show restart messages: /* shows RESTART IN X MINS */ _USE_RESTART_TIMER = true; /* true or false */ _RESTART_TIME_IN_M = 240; /* restart time in minutes */ _SHOW_TIMER_IN_MIN = [1,2,3,5,10,15,20,25,30,60]; /* minutes before restart, when message is shown */