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  1. Hello Everyone. The link was down because I shut down my website. I re-activated it just for you guys to get the link. ;) http://files.enjin.com/572504/Storage/NapfEventZone.sqf
  2. I bump whatever I feel like bumping. I'm not hurting anyone and it makes me happy :D . I keep closely to the rules and do no more than 24 hours apart. Ill Be back in 24 hours to do my daily bump (sometimes I forget) Also I like to collect the views.
  3. Don't worry about it, Its so I don't accidentally advertise any services / server providers for anyone. Don't worry the OP will understand it.
  4. Yes that's right nobody is forced to seek out "forum member" and this has already been discussed in detail between "forum member" and "provider manager". "forum member" is actually staff now and working in conjunction with "provider" to get you all some really cool features so you don't have to pay "forum member" anymore. "forum member" is only continuing up until the release date of "providers" new releases and features. Upon this release "forum member" will stop what "forum member" is doing and continue to provide support but the bill will be taken care of by the "provider". Know-one is trying to lighten any load as "provider" has made it clear they do not support mods, yet. "forum member" agrees with you, which is why "forum member" also used to offer lessons and tutoring if a customer so requested. "forum member" mainly was aimed at those that did not wish to learn/didn't have the time. And as you can see by "forum members" community. "forum member" has done quite well so far".
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