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  1. http://pastebin.com/WjynbNgZ - Hi i'm trying to use this admin tool of yours, and it sounds great, but when i join my server there is no menu when i scroll, did i install it right? ;)
  2. I left that, because i thought it was just to do with npc AI? was i wrong?
  3. yea that's fine, i appreciate the help :D
  4. now when i load there's no debug monitor, but it still flashes as it counts up
  5. http://pastebin.com/pcx0pFSr - doesn't look like much has changed, but out of curiosity, do i need to do anything with the killing a hacker script, or is that only for ai?
  6. I have re-installed it again, this time when it counts up, the screen flashes and i see the debug monitor for like 0.1 seconds, then counts up again.
  7. so use the no debug version?
  8. 20:44:14 "get: STRING (166780742), sent: STRING (166780742)" 20:44:14 "DISCONNECT: G-Force (166780742) Object: B 1-1-A:1 (G-Force) REMOTE, _characterID: 0 at loc [-7244.94,19534.5,0]" 20:44:14 "ERROR: Cannot Sync Character G-Force as no characterID" 20:44:14 Client: Remote object 2:9 not found 20:44:14 Client: Remote object 2:10 not found 20:44:14 Client: Remote object 2:11 not found 20:44:15 Wrong text element 'null' I also get this in the arma2oasever.rpt now.
  9. I've done this, but the same problem still is there (gets to the final load screen, then infinitely counts up)
  10. http://pastebin.com/L95zMq5f - here it is
  11. I host it on my own pc
  12. The eexcute.sqf is the second link, and what is the RPT? where is it located? - thanks for helping.
  13. Here are the paste bin links: http://pastebin.com/cCvxGJpb http://pastebin.com/iuF67bjF http://pastebin.com/fFXKv5zR http://pastebin.com/zWZY8rLL Is that all you need?
  14. Hi trying to set up a new server for and need to add admin tools. Is their an update for Blue Phoenix that brings it forward to If their is no update is their a good free admin tool for! Tried Blue Phoenix and when i connect it just black screens and counts up, maybe a coding issue?
  15. I have tried putting in the coding for Blue Phoenix but when I connect it just black screens and counts up.