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    Longshot03XX got a reaction from JohnyBoy2o11 in [Release] Advanced Trading 2.1 !UPDATED!   
    Step 1: Go to said file (ZSCdefines.hpp)
    Step 2: Search for line that says ZSC_RscScrollBar
    Step 3: Select said line and what follows after it...
    class ZSC_RscScrollBar
        color[] = {1,1,1,0.6};
        colorActive[] = {1,1,1,1};
        colorDisabled[] = {1,1,1,0.3};
        shadow = 0;
        scrollSpeed = 0.06;
        width = 0;
        height = 0;
        autoScrollEnabled = 0;
        autoScrollSpeed = -1;
        autoScrollDelay = 5;
        autoScrollRewind = 0;
    Step 4: Delete those lines
    Step 5: Save file
    And.... Whallah!
    Step 6: If needed... Repeat until all conflicting lines are gone.
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    Longshot03XX got a reaction from PryMary in [AllinOne] MAS Weapons, Vehicles   
    For those wanting the buildings for cherno I made my own list, feel free to copy paste.

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    Longshot03XX got a reaction from SideShowFreak in [Release] Remote key for locking/unlocking vehicles (0.3)   
    appreciate your time SideShowFreak
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    Longshot03XX reacted to Longshot03XX in Vilayer Dedicated server need help please will give free tacos   

    I just recently opened up a dedicated vilayer server and I am having some issues with my BEC. I finally got the auto restarts running every 3 hours but can't seem to get the warnings to pop up. Can anyone help me? I know I need to edit the schedule.xml but nothing I've done has worked. I will send $10 via paypal to whoever helps me successfully fix this problem. Thank you for your time.

    Cruz, J.L
    Corporal of Marines
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    Longshot03XX got a reaction from Jokaru in [Release] Radio Communication Script v1.3.1   
    I talked with Chris aka infistar via email and he is looking into the matter I will keep you all posted on the outcome
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