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  1. that worked, thanks! I'm having another issue, but im not sure you can help or not. For some reason I cannot snap my items that im building together, when I click the F function it only changes the function of fire.
  2. Can anyone help please? My snapping isnt working for v2.35. When I select F to snap it just changes my rate of fire for my weapon.
  3. when trying to take plot ownership i get kicked for public variable restriction #3... Anyone else have this problem before and know of a solution??? Also when in game my safes, doors and metal floors appear to be see through... not sure as to why this is happening.
  4. On version 2.35 me and my players started noticing that when a player dies he does't have the ability to build anymore on the plot pole. Also with the snap build pro the F function has stopped working, I am not sure why these things are happening, I installed everything correctly, could there be any reason why these things are happening?
  5. Has anyone been able to remove the standard maintain plot and maintain area functions that are in red. I have the originals still showing up after I installed it
  6. No buying of anything to backpack currently. No buying of Backs/weapons into your gear. No bying of any vehicles Has anyone got these set up yet on their server?
  7. my players are getting kicked for public variable restriction #3 when trying to take ownership, is there a fix for that?
  8. Hey zupa is there any way to make it possible for all admins to be able to manage all plots like in doormanagement?
  9. I'm having an issue with my players building a garage door sideways or sandbags sideways and then it automatically returns it back upright when they set it. Is there any fix for this?
  10. =BWB= | Coins/OverwatchSkins/Plot4Life/SnapPro/VectorBuild | DayZ Overpoch It's been a few years since the last time I had a server, I am looking to populate my server with well rounded players. We have the following mods installed on this fresh server: Zupa Single Coin Currency 3.0 ------------------------------------------------No global banking Wicked AI 2.2.0 -----------------------------------------------------------------Because it wouldn't be fun without it Deploy bike/mozzie ------------------------------------------------------------ Who hates walking? Epoch events --------------------------------------------------------------------PVP reasons Plot for life -----------------------------------------------------------------------Just because Plot management --------------------------------------------------------------- Life is just simpler that way Snap-pro w/ fast build ---------------------------------------------------------- If you build it they will come Refuel/rearm/repair with coins ------------------------------------------------ Because single currency is just way easier Tow/Lift -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Do I even have to say? Self Bloodbag w/ restrictions -------------------------------------------------- Can't get spoon fed all the time now, come on Door management -------------------------------------------------------------- Because America!!!! Zupa's Overwatch clothing ----------------------------------------------------- Wouldn't be an overpoch server without it Combokey changer ------------------------------------------------------------- Cause keeping notes sucks Hero perks ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Too many bandits Dayz Group Manager ----------------------------------------------------------- We encourage teamwork Zupa's Advanced Trading ------------------------------------------------------ Hell, why not? We are not only looking for players, but we are also recruiting staff members to be apart of our upcoming gaming community. Please feel free to join us at anytime. Thank you for your time! S/F SGT Cruz 1/23 WPNS CO 81s Section Leader, Bravo
  11. static/chernarus.sqf nvm got it working, just needed to restart a few times.
  12. IMO I actually find it better than using maca's right click options
  13. Okay so the work around for using these right click options with the deploy anything 2.8.0 is here https://github.com/mudzereli/DayZEpochClickActions#custom-actions
  14. can't get the static ai to spawn on my cherno map, can anyone help? here are my files: config.sqf static/chernarus.sqf
  15. I figured out the problem... It was because I had the deploy anything 2.8 script, it broke maca's right click options when I had it installed, I found the work around to getting it all to work.
  16. nvm still didnt work. :blink: No right click option and no harvesting of hemp/fiberplant, If anyone can help I would really appreciate it. I run a Overpoch server with: BuildVectors, PlotManagement, SnapbuildPro, ServicePointSC, zupa overwatch skins, zupa coin 3.0, doorManagement, comokey changer, logistics, basejump, deploy anything, hero perks, & WAI 2.2.0. my description.ext my ui_selectSlot.sqf and my extra_rc.hpp
  17. I think I found the solution! gonna try and add this to the top private [----------------------------------------somewhere at the end-------->,"_erc_cfgActions","_erc_numActions"]; Realized that I have been missing this part in my ui_selectSlot.sqf
  18. okay mine look make sure you dont have an extra closing bracket somewhere. Okay that looked similar to mine, but still not getting any right click options on the items. And the plant won't let me harvest it.
  19. Has anyone got the static AI to spawn? I added some units (8) and all I got was a AI (1) in a buisiness suit with no weapon. I'm trying to add AI to my Hemp Farm on cherno map
  20. hemp.sqf EDIT- Nevermind it works... no idea what was going wrong. just restarted the server a couple of times and it was good to go. do you mind posting your description.ext? everytime i try to add functions to my extra_rc.hpp nothing works, I followed macas right click option to the T and nothing shows up only the plot pole test 1 & 2 work, but when i call a script nothing happens
  21. How would we accomplish adding this script if we were to have ZSC 3.0, zupa arma & overwatch skins, plotmanagement, and plot for life installed? as far as the defines.hpp because I keep getting issues when I try to add this mod. Here is my description.ext
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