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  1. So how do we implement this if we are using deploy anything? It isn't included anymore in clickactions for 1.0.6.
  2. Hi, I purchased a new epoch server through survivalservers yesterday, and have made absolutely no progress when it comes to just getting infiSTAR online. I had an older epoch server up and running with infiSTAR and 20+ mods about 4-5 months ago, and had no troubles getting everything up and running with little to no debugging. However, everytime I follow the instructions in the latest infiSTAR version, it never works. When loading into the server I either get stuck at waiting for server to authenticate or kicked for create vehicle restriction #0. I am 1000% sure I am following his instructions correctly, there is no doubt in my mind. I have replaced the BE filters with his, added the correct line to serverfunctions, placed the folder containing the ah sqf files into the correct directory, etc. I have even tried doing other methods to call the AH.sqf file such as: #include "ah.sqf" at the top of serverfunctions.sqf and edited to file path in different ways. After I wiped and tried to reinstall infiSTAR about 10 times, I started searching all over for different solutions based upon my problems and what my log said. This is what my publicvariable.log looks like: 22.02.2017 19:54:37: "Player" ( "GUID" - #0 "PVDZE_plr_Login" = ["GUID",<NULL-object>] As far as what I have tried to do: I have attempted to delete the publicvariable files completely from the BE filters, and I was able to join the server with infiSTAR functioning. HOWEVER, I encountered even more problems. The first thing I noticed is that, if I spawned ANYTHING and tried to enter it, it would eject me and blow the vehicle up, then proceed to kick for some kind of MPEventHandler restriction. I also noticed that the current infiSTAR version is up-to-date for 1.0.6. Does this mean that it can ONLY be used for 1.0.6 and I will need to somehow get an older version? Or even perhaps, there are new filters/lines that aren't compatible with and it is causing issues. At this point, I am completely out of ideas, and can't find anymore potentially useful threads. If you guys would like to see some screenshots of anything let me know. But, the only error that comes up in the logs is the one above pertaining to restriction #0. Thanks P.S. : This thread is similar to some of my issues, and none of these solutions work: http://opendayz.net/threads/desperately-need-help-with-be-filters.22233/ Update: I just noticed that all of the BE filters in the newest infiSTAR have "PVDZ" references (which are apparently for vanilla) instead of "PVDZE" for epoch. I am not sure if they are supposed to be like this.
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