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  1. upload your mission folder and i will look at it
  2. Ammo trucks are default or do I add it? What's a164 wipeout ?
  3. That sounds like a "gotcha" question! lol Currently, only way to know if you have latest version is if you downloaded it after April 26 , thats the last day I made any changes.
  4. that is a weird bug... hmm... this i using the latest version?
  5. I think EPAH prevents it from working for normal players, you may be able to get it working for normal players if you mess with the new EPAH filters, I have not had a chance to test anything yet with the latest version. I had my appendix removed this weekend, I am currently recovering and this human healing thing has slowed me down a bit in life :P
  6. Had my appendix removed this weekend!

  7. Okay, try the newest version. Just remove " [] spawn cm_EPEH_Loop; " if ((_hasEPEH == "NEVER")) then {[] spawn cm_EP_LOOP;};
  8. Oh, you know what, I see a problem :o , I will fix it today and post a correct version of onplayerrespawn.sqf
  9. @hakimos00, add at the end of "removeAllEventHandlers" line in your scripts.txt (line 55) !"cmKeyPress" I updated the filters for anyone having similair issue.
  10. Yeah, I got the base finished for the most part, but updating it and adding all the info is a pain-in-the-butts :rolleyes:
  11. Sorry, I don't have infistar, so I can't really help.
  12. Like a dialog that pops up to give players options? I was considering something like that too. :wub: :wub: :wub:
  13. Okay, github is up-to-date with toggle hotkey feature.
  14. Okay, so I have added all the BE filters that came up on my vanilla test server. All the player death filters have been added. I am not an admin in my EPAH settings. Everything I tested was as non-admin. I turned off my EPAH and it works just fine. I turned on my EPAH and it all works except when you press f4 (or w/e key you choose) nothing happens. So if you are using the EPAH on your server, you can use this and nothing bad will happen. EDIT: I am adding a toggle feature for people using EPAH. It will be the first option in the config file.
  15. I am working on the missing BE filters right meow.
  16. Move the auto lock picker code chunk to the bottom
  17. I will put up a non-keyDown version later today. And I will get my player killed to add the last BE filters. Forgot to kill my player to get onPlayerKilled befilter triggers.
  18. I updated battleye stuff, files on github and install instrucitons BTW: It turns out that EPAH being enabled does not allow keydown stuff. But if you do have EPAH enabled, everything else still works. Edit these in your BE filters ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// scripts.txt (at the end of the line add the following) ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// (BIS_fnc_) First Line: !"bis_fnc_initVehicle" !"BIS_fnc_setVehicleMass_fsm" !"BIS_fnc_arsenal_type" (displayAddEventHandler) Line 53 (54 on notepad++) : !"EP_LOOP" (displayAddEventHandler) Line 53 (54 on notepad++) !"cmKeyPress" ( exec ) Line 22 (23 on notepad++) : !"clock.sqf" ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// PublicVariable.txt (at the end of the line add the following) ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// First Line: !"cmEarplugs_hotkeyDIKCodeNumber" /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
  19. at the end of the first line add this !="cmEarplugs_hotkeyDIKCodeNumber" at the end , on the first line of the txt file mentioned in the error (scripts, setvariable, etc)
  20. Sorry guys, lost a fair chunk of time trying t oget @mas stuff on my test server, once I am done, I will setup the vanilla server with vanilla BE filters to make an up-to-date list
  21. cmEarplugs 2.0 is now available on github! Earplugs script for Arma 3 Epoch (EPAH safe) - This script allows you to put in "earplugs". - Config.sqf will let you configure almost every possible aspect of the script. - You can now insert and remove the earplugs by pressing a key of your choice. - Current available keys are : F4, F5, INSERT, NUMPADMULTIPLY, NUMPADDIVIDE - Auto-insert and remove earplugs when getting in and out of vehicles. - Inserting earplugs reduces volume down to about 25 percent. - Removing earplugs restores volume to 100 percent. *Thanks to mgm on epochmod.com for helping with keypress config technique. EDIT: I didn't have any battleye kicks, let me know if you get any so I can update BE filters.
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