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  1. Sorry for my absence guys. I have to put support for this on hold for the forseeable future, I just am not going to be able to find any time to do anything with it. As for the 'bugs' being mentioned where traders are starting to buy/sell random stuff- If your traders are SELLING things they shouldn't be, that is nothing to do with this script. This doesn't interact with standard trader functionality. My friend's server has been running this script since before release and, while there has obviously been bugs found along the way, there has NEVER been issues with the trading mechanics of this script or of the standard Epoch traders that fit what a few of you guys are saying. I'm sorry to people that were waiting on the next update, I'm just not able to continue work on this for now because of real life stuff. IF anyone decides to make updates to their files themselves to address any upcoming/already existent issues, you're more than welcome to release those files in here if you would like to. Just, please, be sure that if you do release any updated files on here they actually address a global issue with this script and not just issues experienced by 1 person due to an inablility to properly manage a server. Enjoy your weekend guys. ~Csus
  2. Hey guys, I've got a few minutes spare before I got to get back to business for another couple days so I thought I'd hop on here and see what's happening. @ElDubya, that's not a bug. It's supposed to do that so player's are not locked out of vehicles which don't have keys. I might add a check for keyed vehicles and keep them locked after trading when I get back. @SadBoy1981, that's an oversight I made while developing it. It's a simple fix to make and I'll make it right away once I'm back and able. @Caveman1, you're more than welcome to put extra warnings in their for your players. Thanks to all you guys for getting back to me on here so quickly with your bug reports and requests, enjoy your Monday! (yeah.... right)
  3. Yes, it was designed primarily around the idea of people or groups taking large amount of weapons to the trader in one go with the aim to sell them all. But atleast with the ability to trade from your backpack you can (in a fashion) choose which guns to sell and still get the benefit of faster trading. Just chuck the ones you wanna sell in your backpack and go trade, it's not a perfect solution but it's a, by far, better alternative than to sell weapons one by one. As poweredbypot just stated, this is intended to be a very simple script to use by the players and to install by server admins. With a lot of people running servers who don't yet have much confidence in their abilities to modify files I wanted to cater this towards them, it is literally a one liner. As he also stated, Zupa is working on a great piece which will give you exactly what you want, so look out for that if you're wanting more in-depth trading. As for the main reason why I posted today; I just wanted to let you guys know I'm going to be away for a few days, maybe 3 or 4 I think. I'll continue with the config traders stuff once I'm back. Enjoy the rest of your weekend guys!
  4. I'd say put it clientside, and just have a small loop running. If the player gets in an Armored SUV add the event handler locally if it's not been added already. This would also cover ArmoredSUVs bought mid-session that wouldn't be covered at server start up.
  5. Oh, sorry. I misread what what your wrote XD I can't really think of any alternatives apart from maybe adding an event handler to the doors. Use that to trace back and find what kind of weapon fired the round. If it came from an SUV minigun, set damage back to what it was prior to being hit by the bullet. That does seem awfully like overkill though. I'll have a play around with some stuff tomorrow when I'm more than 10% awake and see if I can't find anything to help you.
  6. Just perform a check for players within a meter or two of any doors while they have a chainsaw equipped.
  7. Sorry for the long absence on this guys, I had a lot going on for quite a while. This is a project I'm gonna take up again quite soon, it's a pretty easy build. I'll keep this updated when I begin work on it.
  8. @GaspArt. Yes, I'm in the process of making it work with config traders. It shouldn't be too long until it's done. But, I would recommend you use Zupa's Advanced Trading. TFV will never support single currencies, I intend on keeping it as simple and easy to use/install as possible. Also, it looks amazing! @SadBoy1981. That's strange, I'll take a look into it and see if I can get it to do the same to me. I've never experienced it before though. @P0ker_OF_Sm0t. No, it doesn't interact with the quantities. I tried to reduce the amount of calls to/for critical variables, to reduce any lag that could occur clientside. It only accesses trader info once, on startup, then it leaves it alone. @Zupa. Can't wait to try out a version that supports default Epoch currencies! Damn fine work!
  9. @GaspArt, I'll answer you in 2 parts. 1 for each question. #1. Are you meaning config traders? If so, I'm already working on getting that implemented. #2. That's not something I can help you with. I never intended and I never do intend for this to be compatible with single currency scripts.
  10. Technically, yes. But for the sake of seeing your humanity and other generally not-always important info, it'd be more hassle to make than it'd be worth.
  11. A little later than I intended but Update 0.1 is done. @poweredbypot, you can disable trading from vehicle now! I felt you made a good point with the 'realism' argument so I put that option in there for you.
  12. Csus

    HiveExt Error Help

    It could be that your server is struggling (or totally failing) to connect to your database or it's getting errors while doing so. As it says in the RPT - 20:29:51 Error Undefined variable in expression: _result That variable is linked to a call to the database for information, it's saying that the variable is undefined because no value is being returned. The second error there on line 286 is also related to the same variables and the same issue. This is all related to a call to get trader information. Has this issue been persistent since the first occurance or has it been intermittent? Can players log into your sever at all?
  13. @williamv1999. Thankyou for the information, it helps quite a lot. If I'm right in presuming, he should only buy the hatchet? If that is the case I believe I know where the issue is coming from. I'll work on a fix right away.
  14. @poweredbypot & fireplace. I've found the solution to adding compatability with config traders, I just have to implement it. A fix should be not too far away!
  15. @poweredbypot & fireplace. As I was only pulling PVDZE_plr_TradeMenuResult I assumed it would work for cobfig traders also, I'll see what I can do to make it compatible with them for you guys. @poweredbypot. No, there is no way to turn trade from vehicle off. I figured that is what people would be wanting most considering the name. I could implement a way to turn that off also. @williamv1999. I designed it so that any weapons or magazines that can't be sold at the current trader don't count toward the total amount of stages, they are ignored. Could you tell me the settings you have in the init.sqf, this will help me testing for a cause to the issue.
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