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  1. Ahh I think maybe there's a misunderstanding on my end regarding the mods. I didn't realize that a lot of this is a DayZ update and not entirely an Epoch change. I wondered why it was supposed to be easier to teach myself code, then find it in github and reverse engineer the information into a useable format such as 2" pipe is for crafting a light pole.
  2. Ok so ive been reading through this page: https://github.com/EpochModTeam/DayZ-Epoch/tree/master/Documents and I can not find anything pertaining to 2" metal pipe and what its for. I realize that its supposed to be easier to read through the code to find out what it does but Im not finding it. Any suggestions?
  3. Id be more than happy to do documentation. So to find out what 2" metal poles are for I should hold them in my inventory and then do what? To learn what sheet metal is for I do what? Its not like I am complaining, the phrase "Interesting" was meant to convey that I have interest, not some complaint. People on the servers I play on aren't using the changes because nobody can figure them out, I find that interesting. So I guess the answer is that there isn't time to document what items do what, thats fair.
  4. I find it interesting that such a large update was made and that minimal if any documentation was released. Seems like a lot of work for nobody to use it.
  5. So on my server everyone is asking "What is X-item for???" Nails, Duct tape, Pickaxe Can we grow weed etc, Where is this information?
  6. Eegore

    Napf secrets ?

    There are 5 total caves on napf
  7. I had to remove everything and reinstall. Then I manually installed all the mods into the new ARMA AO folder, not using Commander or anything else and it works as long as Epoch is the first mod in the command line.
  8. I had this problem today and I just changed the order of my mod line. [email protected]_Epoch;@DayzOverwatch If Overwatch is first I get this error
  9. If I restart ARMA it always stays on the loading screen. Verify cache on Steam takes a few hours but it did finally verify the file. However it did not fix and I still can not play.
  10. I encourages my friend to appeal the ban through BE if they even allow that. For someone who only plays on one server they should be able to track her down pretty easy.
  11. I installed Steam and synched my ARMA 2 by typing in my CD key and it installed the game again. Now when I try to launch the game it stays on the Bohemia Interactive presents loading screen for what I assume is forever. I let it run for about 3 hours and it says on that screen. Now I can't play ARMA 2 at all, even single player. Anyone else experience this? Update: I verified the game cache, or tried to, but it stayed at 0% verification for one file for 30min before I cancelled it. Does Steam normally run really slow?
  12. My friend has her ID global banned and has only played normal ARMA 2 on a clan server. Never played DayZ at all etc. just her clan server and BE say no more!
  13. I put up a message to meet at an airfield or a street with No gear/packs etc. with the following: Illegal "Drag" racing. Then I use player morph to turn everyone into hookers or damsels and have them do 100 meter dash. I also use player morph to turn everyone into rabbits in a field and the last one alive wins. I always give out attendance prizes as well.
  14. I think in the end this all comes out to Time = Money. No matter if a player is donating for a base to save time looting and building one, or if a player donates to have custom spawn locations to save time running across the map. Any server following the mandate that anything donated for can still be achieved through other means is simply exchanging a donation for a time-saving feature. That time-saving feature does not have to be a "tangible" item like a gun or a base but it offers the same time-saving result. If we start trying to look at the ethics of whether a spawn location perk is less ethical than a weapon selection perk than we are missing the point entirely. Anything bought with donations must be achievable without donations, and this results in a Time=Money system.
  15. The "You can buy whatever you need" logic appears flawed when the loot shortage across the board is the concern. If loot as a whole is less then there is not as much to sell in order to acquire gold. I for one think there is way too much loot. My favorite time in DayZ was when Vanilla bugged for the second time and was spawning no food or drink. That was a Hunt or Die situation and survival was actually part of the game.
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