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  1. Yes, I noticed that and submitted an update here: https://github.com/vbawol/DayZ-Epoch/issues/1549 Is there any good reason that gun should cost 90 gold? I never use them because the sights suck, and it's overall just not that great of a gun. Is the laser really worth that much?
  2. To update another issue do you need to make another fork? It seems that when I make further commits on the current fork they just get tacked on to the previous pull.
  3. Ok, before I try any more, did I do this right? https://github.com/vbawol/DayZ-Epoch/issues/1547
  4. Yes, but I would like to help improve the basic overall default game balance. Then let people edit from there. Things like 90 gold for an L85A2 are obvious typos.
  5. I guess I'll learn how to do this. Can you help me get started? I'm guessing for things like the UAZ cargo upgrade and miss-priced L85A2 it would simply be a matter of editing the numbers in the file. But I'm not sure how to update it or make a pull request. I'm signed up and reading the bootcamp now... When you make a correction do you need to have a fork of the entire Epoch mod, or just the file you are changing? Also, which version should you make a fork of? The master, last release, or the RCs?
  6. Upgrading the Cargo of a UAZ results in its pack cargo being downgraded from 7 to 4. L85A2 Holo buy price is 90 gold. Sell price is 6 gold. Bicycles only cost 4 silver and contain 2 Car Wheels. Car Wheels cost 2 gold each. Full Jerry Can of gas is only 4 sliver. 2 Cans of beans is 4 silver. Pack Pricing Czech Vest Pouch (CZ_VestPouch_EP1) is 2 silver, holds 6 items. Czech Vest Pouch (DZ_Czech_Vest_Puch) is 2 silver, holds 12 items. Patrol Pack (coyote) is 2 silver, holds 10 items. Alice Pack is 1 gold, holds 20 items. Assault Pack is 1 gold, holds 12 items. Survival ACU is 60 silver, holds 22 items. Used Car is only 2 gold, contains 4 Car Wheels and 4 Windscreen Glass, which cost 12 gold total. M16A2 is 2 gold. Loot inside top floor of Cherno Firehouse spawns inside north wall. Other loot locations in building are a little off also. VSS Vintorez spawns with 10 round mags, VSS mags at vendor are 20 round. Logging to the lobby reloads mags. Doesn't work on regular DayZ. Removing the back tires on a six wheeled vehicle removes the middle tire visually. Removing the middle tires removes the rear, visually. 4 wheeled vehicles have six wheels.
  7. What about the last question? How does a bounty hunter identify the wanted bandit from any other player?
  8. Now this is interesting, and looks fun too. I have a few questions: Is there a game mechanic you added to discourage a player from collecting their own bounty with a friend? The only thing I can think of is some sort of punishment or penalty for the wanted if he is killed, which wouldn't be worth collecting the money. I'm guessing the bounty attaches to the UID rather than the name right? If the time limit expires is the money lost, or do you just need to go back and select the same bounty to try again? Can more than one player add to a bounty over time so that the bounty builds up until awarded? How does a bounty hunter identify the wanted player from any other player?
  9. I don't know how many servers you have played on, but bandits that actually play their role realistically are very rare. Most bandits are simply out to kill every player they come across, while hiding behind a game skin which doesn't reveal their reputation, who they really are, or any of their previous interactions with others. In fact, currently it is impossible for a "true bandit," to not have their identify hidden by default because they simply look like a clone of any other player. Unless a bandit goes around announcing himself in direct chat, which would be ridiculous, other players have no idea whether or not the player they are encountering is the same bandit that has been terrorizing an area or even a brand new greared player as there is no visual difference. Imagine putting up a Wanted Poster of a guy in a ghillie suit. Would that make any sense? Which one of these is the bandit you saw murder your family? Careful, two of them are innocent heroes...who would not normally kill you if you only had some type of game reputation. Which one do you shoot? Further, because there is no identifiable reputation it most often results in everyone becoming a bandit, because if you don't shoot first then you can expect to get shot yourself. It's kill-on-sight out of necessity when there is no visual reputation. And, unless you're playing on a mostly empty server this mentality then degrades into basically another FPS game rather than the more realistic apocalypse sim the game is supposed to be. Speaking of griefers, I don't even mind if someone wants to spend their entire time griefing others, that's their choice, I simply think they deserve to have their reputation known rather than artificially hidden. A griefer cannot grief for long if everyone can identify him.
  10. In real life people have reputations. But in a game where everyone unrealistically looks the same, log out of the world for varying amounts of time, and names can be changed in a moment, reputations unrealistically don't exist. That is why a reputation system is necessary in a game if you want to "actually live in an apocalypse." Reputations do exist in real life, bandits are eventually identified, and people do hunt them down. Adding reputation would not stop any of the gameplay you mention, it would actually enhance it. Bandits would be more likely to group together rather than killing each other. And you could still kill anyone you wanted, but you would have to be weary of an actual reputation rather than unrealistically killing everyone forever without anyone ever learning who you were. This has everything to do with PVP, and nothing to do with PVE, so I don't why you mentioned it, unless you simply don't understand the issue.
  11. The single greatest improvement that could be made to the Epoch gameplay is a reputation system which simply makes the bad guys visibly identifiable, such as with a special irremovable colored mask or red nametag. This alone could greatly reduce the kill-on-sight, mindless back-and-forth Call of Duty gameplay because it would bring repercussions for playing a bad guy and cause them to be hunted. If players could visually identify the bad guys then the bad guys would become clear targets which would discourage all but the most skilled bandits (whom may actually welcome the added challenge). A temporary bandit reputation indicator could also be given to any non-bandit player or survivor that harmed a fellow non-bandit player or survivor, which would then allow players to defend themselves against kill-on-sight newbs that still had a reputation above -5000. This temporary reputation would be lost upon death, but would allow anyone to retaliate without loss to their own humanity. Currently the Kill Boards rarely work, probably because players often bleed out at least a little bit after being shot. And, with the ability to change character names in less than a minute there are almost no repercussions or lasting reputations to discourage players from simply killing everyone they see. There's also no way to defend oneself without becoming a bandit inadvertently.
  12. You can still get ARMA 2 Free on Steam: http://steamdb.info/app/107400/ Or download: http://www.fileplanet.com/220759/220000/fileinfo/ArmA-2-Client-%28Free-Game%29
  13. You ever get the default Epoch lift working?
  14. Yep, hero and bandit status are meaningless unless there is some way to identify them.
  15. I followed those directions and never got it working on 1.0.4. Haven't tried on 1.0.5 yet, but wouldn't be surprised if it still doesn't work.
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