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  1. Thanks awol, that cured it. I had originally downloaded the files from github, but there seems to be a 1 byte difference in the epoch server pbo between github and this site. All working now though, so cheers!
  2. Just followed the instructions from vbawol as follows to the letter; Now getting the following message in the RPT, but can't figure out why... 11:38:34 "Epoch: Starting ArmA3 Epoch Server, Version" 11:38:34 "Epoch: Version mismatch! Current: Needed:" 11:38:34 "Epoch: Version mismatch! Current: Needed:" 11:38:34 "Epoch: Version mismatch! Current: Needed:"Can't understand why it says it's starting, then says it needs Any ideas?
  3. I reported this as a bug ages ago. It seems to happen under certain conditions when a trader dies...his inventory gets mirrored across lots of other traders. Never heard any more about it, so doubt anything has been done.
  4. Yes, and this cap is made up of adding all the 'allowed vehicles' types together, so eg: 5 hatchbacks, 5 hatchback sports, 5 tempests etc etc. So if there are already 5 hatchbacks on the map or on traders, it won't spawn any more. The original post however is for a completely new added vehicle of which it should spawn 5 on the map (since there can't be any on traders), and I haven't found one yet.
  5. But the cap is made up of adding up all the 'allowed vehicles' .......isn't it? These aren't epoch vehicles....I was looking for the ones added in 0310 {"C_Heli_Light_01_civil_EPOCH",5}
  6. After updating to 0310, I whizzed around the map looking for one of these, and couldn't find it. Anyone know what they're called when shown on the admin map? Before anyone asks, yes it's been added to my epochconfig.hpp :) allowedVehiclesList[] = { {"C_Offroad_01_EPOCH",8}, {"C_Quadbike_01_EPOCH",8}, {"C_Hatchback_01_EPOCH",10}, {"C_Hatchback_02_EPOCH",10}, {"C_SUV_01_EPOCH",10}, {"C_Rubberboat_EPOCH",2}, {"C_Rubberboat_02_EPOCH",2}, {"C_Rubberboat_03_EPOCH",2}, {"C_Rubberboat_04_EPOCH",2}, {"C_Van_01_box_EPOCH",8}, {"C_Van_01_transport_EPOCH",9}, {"C_Boat_Civil_01_EPOCH",2}, {"C_Boat_Civil_01_police_EPOCH",2}, {"C_Boat_Civil_01_rescue_EPOCH",2}, {"B_Heli_Light_01_EPOCH",2}, {"B_SDV_01_EPOCH",2}, {"B_MRAP_01_EPOCH",3}, {"B_Truck_01_transport_EPOCH",1}, {"B_Truck_01_covered_EPOCH",2}, {"B_Truck_01_mover_EPOCH",1}, {"B_Truck_01_box_EPOCH",1}, {"O_Truck_02_covered_EPOCH",2}, {"O_Truck_02_transport_EPOCH",1}, {"O_Truck_03_covered_EPOCH",1}, {"O_Truck_02_box_EPOCH",1}, {"I_Heli_light_03_unarmed_EPOCH",3}, {"O_Heli_Light_02_unarmed_EPOCH",3}, {"I_Heli_Transport_02_EPOCH",3}, {"O_Heli_Transport_04_EPOCH",3}, {"O_Heli_Transport_04_bench_EPOCH",3}, {"O_Heli_Transport_04_box_EPOCH",3}, {"O_Heli_Transport_04_covered_EPOCH",3}, {"B_Heli_Transport_03_unarmed_EPOCH",3}, {"jetski_epoch",2}, {"K01",2}, {"K02",2}, {"K03",2}, {"K04",2}, {"ebike_epoch",5}, {"mosquito_epoch",5}, {"C_Heli_Light_01_civil_EPOCH",5}
  7. I agree, and maybe the feedback thread may have been a better avenue for this. However, nothing should cause database vehicles to just 'not load', so in my opinion, it still needs attention brought to it whatever you call it.
  8. Kinda curious how this wasn't spotted during testing....seems like a pretty major thing to me. Also, no amount of tinkering with the scripts.txt seems to get rid of the kicks :(
  9. As helpful as that script is, it only affects when you get in or out of the vehicle. Helis can also explode completely on their own without getting in, as players move in and out of range, and the enable simulation kicks in.
  10. Sounds like a good start Richie, and totally agree on the performance. But something has to be done about the way it loads what's in the DB. At the moment, once you're over cap, it seems random which vehicles don't get spawned in - causing players to complain about their vehicles disappearing.
  11. It's a bug as far as I'm concerned because of the way the DB loads the items back in. We all know that people will add missions, some of them save vehicles. On that basis, it just won't work correctly, unless we all play vanilla with no vehicle saving missions. I'm obviously aware this isn't an epoch problem as such, but it should be a possibility since mod authors seem to be able to add missions and other 'addons' faster than the dev team, some of which get incorporated into future builds.
  12. That's a fair point, however the world doesn't work like that. Personally, I'm in the UK (as are most of our regulars), and I would look for a UK server. If I was French, I'd try to find a French server, because you figure there will be a better ping, and French folk to talk to. We had it before with GTX. Despite ordering a UK server, they put us in France, and lo and behold....a lot of French players were joining, and a lot couldn't speak English. Since we're in a 'which server host' thread, I'll add in my short reviews of the ones to avoid; GTXGaming - 3/10 - Server was never without problems of one kind or another. After they performed a 'scheduled maintenance' the server was broken, and a 3 week long battle ensued. The support staff and managers are often quite dismissive and unhelpful, and openly admit they don't read the ticket before making suggestions (usually reinstall or move server). FastPointGaming - 0/10 - Not only was the server poorly setup (with really old arma/epoch files), they suffered FTP timeouts constantly, their tcadmin panel takes 15 minutes to do anything, and the server has yet to even start after a week. Their support is pretty much non-existent other than 'we're investigating'. Their forums were filled with people with all sorts of servers (ark, arma, RoK etc) with the same issues. Broken servers and no support answering...a few days ago their forums were 'suspended'. The server still won't start, and support seem to have stopped answering. If I had to guess, I'd say they did a runner.
  13. Already reported in Bug reports. It's caused by the server having more vehicles than your vehicle caps, either caused by missions saving vehicles, or admins spawning them in. Go add your report in the bug reports thread, and maybe the more who mention it, the more likely it will get fixed.
  14. Just curious Richie, is that the box UKGZ runs? Just wondering how many servers could be hosted on that hardware. We're currently desperate to rid ourselves of the shockingly bad GTX Gaming.
  15. Redis (unsurprisingly) doesn't show anything helpful, probably as it was a kick, not a ban. Seems to happen when reviving a player. This is the RPT around the time of the kick 14:02:03 "DEBUG server_revivePlayer : [B Alpha 1-1:2 (Biteshten) REMOTE,B Alpha 1-1:1 (Cookie) REMOTE,"jxvsskt"]" 14:02:03 "DEBUG Group Found: B Alpha 1-1" 14:02:03 No speaker given for Latif Amin 14:02:03 Given magazine[] not found) 14:02:04 Speaker Male06_F not found in CfgVoiceTypes 14:02:04 NetServer::SendMsg: cannot find channel #1459436793, users.card=6 14:02:04 NetServer: users.get failed when sending to 1459436793 14:02:04 Message not sent - error 0, message ID = ffffffff, to 1459436793 (Biteshten) 14:02:04 "playerDisconnected:GUID:Biteshten" 14:02:04 No player found for channel 2087027328 - message ignored 14:02:04 No player found for channel 2087027328 - message ignored 14:02:04 Client: Remote object 18:0 not found 14:02:33 Road not found 14:02:48 "playerConnected:GUID:Biteshten" And the kick as shown by DaRT; [2015-06-27 | 14:02:05] Player #4 Biteshten (GUID) has been kicked by BattlEye: Admin Kick (<null>)
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