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  1. Hey, would like to see if you wanted to help with a new mod... if so message me back or join my teamspeak: zombieville.net

  2. This post posted a page back.. but this is how: in the server side init //"Epoch_Sapper_F" createUnit [_coords, _aiGroup, "_ai = this", .1, "PRIVATE"]; "Epoch_Sapper_F" createUnit [_coords, _aiGroup, '[this] execVM "zombie\shaun.sqf"', .1, "PRIVATE"];
  3. I attempted to convert his script to a multi-player one.. took too much time and kept getting stuck, went to shaun's
  4. Thanks MisterT! I don't get the errors on my server, but it seems to work for me... Glad you solved the issue! I'll test on my server and see if it work, then issue an update..
  5. //"Epoch_Sapper_F" createUnit [_coords, _aiGroup, "_ai = this", .1, "PRIVATE"]; "Epoch_Sapper_F" createUnit [_coords, _aiGroup, '[this] execVM "zombie\shaun.sqf"', .1, "PRIVATE"];
  6. Did you add the custom_server.pbo to your @EpochHive/Addons/ folder?
  7. The issue with the offroad is, once you setOwner they wont use waypoints or get in vehicles. (It's a bug in ArmA 3 that has been reported to them) I took off the setOwner.. It will hurt everyone but Fresh Spawn and JIP players. I have another script that actually has AI on the map that roam arround (not spawn on you), but once you setOwner, they dont move anymore. and if you dont setOwner they wont hurt Fresh spawns and JIP players.
  8. It will only run on a dedicated server (using arma3server.exe)
  9. 5 Minutes... but you have to add the custom_server.pbo to your @EpochHive/Addons (server folder) folder
  10. I didn't change any BE Filter scripts... I posted my current version, if they don't work, sorry. I don't provide BE Filter support.
  11. V 2.0.2 with some minor fixes... If you are experiencing issues (beisdes BE Filters) try this now one... I can't solve everyone's BE filters... I provided mine, copy + paste is my suggestion as see if it works for you (keep old as backups)
  12. In the AI.sqf and AI1.sqf this code: "i_g_soldier_unarmed_f" createUnit [[_pos1,_pos2,_pos3], _aiGroup, "_ai1 = this", 1, "COLONEL]; after "_ai1 = this" , 1.0 = Hardest 0.5 = Middle 0.1 = Easiest
  13. In the latest version, I added: removeBackpackGlobal _ai1; removeAllItemsWithMagazines _ai1; this should remove all backpacks and items from each AI..... Are you using the latest version?
  14. That stumps me.. I checked the vanilla files where this is called in AI1.sqf and it matches exactly what I have running on my server without any errors... Is anyone else getting this? Can you provide the changes you put in the init.sqf? ========== Can you also do this: The RPT says the error is in these two spaces: Are you running any Anti-Hack that isnt allowing the nearEntities command?
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