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  1. I have no ; and yet me stuff vanishes, were running a dedicated server.
  2. Could anyone tell me what is wrong here? Server won't show up in dayz commander, but my panthera will and i dont know why. Configs are identical except the name and steamport/steanqueryport.
  3. Don't forget to say if it's great or not :D
  4. If I changed player online to %2 instead of 12 would that possibly work?
  5. People still get kicked for this on my server, did the "fix".
  6. If it's possible find a way to where you can keep building the same item over and over and tell it when to stop, just an idea. Liked! :D
  7. I have plot for life and snap building pro, and i added this and it worked but...now plot for life no longer tells me who built what or doesnt remember them. its Weird..
  8. Hey guys I use the infiSTAR's Antihack's debug monitor and i tried editing and it did not work .I was trying to get it to look like this but actually work Heres what it looks like in my AH, the headshots and survived dayz does not work properly, any help is appreciated.
  9. Oh okay, well that still can fix the issue for those who have actualy BE issues :D
  10. I used that player_build.sqf that you posted on his topic and i was hoping it would work, and im sure it does but i guess i will wait, thanks! Someone had it working.
  11. i had plot for life and snapbuild pro 1.4 working together, but then tried adding vectors and thats when everything went crazy.
  12. I am no expert on RPT Logs, but can anyone help me on this? http://pastebin.com/Uxzjj1kx - My RPT yana_szp.sqf is infistars safezones
  13. To fix this I went to and you will see BEClient.dll and BEClient.dll.new more then likely, so you delete the BEClient.dll and now you should only have the BEClient.dll.new left so what you do now is delete the .new part and it will turn into a proper dll file and rejoin and your good :D
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