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  1. I have walked into 20 australia style houses that are standard on the map, but nothing spawns?
  2. Say whut... That was not what he asked for :D
  3. @Read the scroll, @Face, Thanks for ur answers... i will disable stock ai to see if those guys were messing with me!
  4. Any one an idea on how to change the spawn distance of the ai. (the random spawns) I mean at some points they spawn like 100 mtrs away from u, and start shooting immediately, but that is simply crazy. They should at least spawn like 500 mtrs or something!
  5. And how would this look in this case?
  6. Well zupahud script was conflicting for some reason, with no errors in rpt tho. As soon as i removed the hud it was ok. Thanks to Slayer for the effort...
  7. Hey zupa, i have igiload installed and that works. As soon as i add this amazing hud, igiload stops working. I don't understand cause i always had both running. u have any idea what could make this happen now? Thanks in advanced... Edit: I just went a different direction wich does work and look exactly as i want!!! So need for this anymore for me
  8. Hey slayer i pm you, with a question. Can u please look at that!? Thanks man, i appreciate ur help! edit: i think zupa hub is messing with igiload!!! had igiload working, put zupa hub in the mission too, no igiload anymore.
  9. I will try that tomorrow. I used to have this script before and it always worked. But today the chatmessage of igiload did not show. I put the folder in the root of the mission pbo. Added the exec line to the init. Added battleye lines to the .txts There is nothing more u can do. Right? What could i have missed then?
  10. anyone has this working with My script text does not have the 7 exec line, is that new? I have put the igiload folder in the root op the mission.pbo I put this in init.sqf: [] execVM "IgiLoad\IgiLoadInit.sqf"; Cant find anything in the rtp bout igiload failing or either loading :(
  11. Hey guys, when i download a unit pack from armaholic, can i use that "skin" to spawn as AI? If yes, can you tell me how to do that!? Thanks
  12. I downloaded some @mod for cars, can i make one @mod with all @mod cars in it? If yes, is there someone who could explain how? Thanks in advanced...
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