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  1. How did you get taviana 2.0 working? I currently have 1.0 working, but am having a hard time getting 2.0. Any info would very awesome.
  2. Just an idea.. make sure all your battleye filter files are all there. For example we deleted the bans.txt file and BEC stopped working. If you are missing these files it will not kick out an error code, BEC just wont start without it.
  3. What mods do u have installed? Anything related to building like cpc indestructible?
  4. You dont have to use that player monitor to use the admin tools. Just take it out and call the old one. That is the easy fix if you dont know how to mod the file.
  5. I also have a custom player monitor, just make aure you get a fresh copy from the dayz code and mod however needed
  6. it is not BluePhoenix, as I am running it on my server. Do you have a custom player_monitor? Az
  7. Would be interested in this as welll, thanks for working on a project like this.
  8. Cool thanks for the reply ill give it a try!
  9. azazel11


    I have tried HFB, Vilayer, DayZPriv and Vert hosting. So far the best host for me has been vert hosting. They update their epoch files a few hours after the release. Also they are aet up with TCAdmin, meaning you have full access to your files. Dayz priv is a good company with good support and unique features, but you dont have access to all the files. Great antihack made by Dami. Hope this helps. Also HFB no longer provides BEC support just an FYI. But we host a small pvp/test server through them.
  10. Where do you locate the [email protected]? Hosting with verthosting. Thanks, Az
  11. I would just make sure all you expressions are closed properly, did u check your rpt log? If you need some help just pm me.
  12. Is anyone having issues with DZAI and the trader menus? Also it seems repair refuel doesnt work when we added DZAI
  13. Where would you even change the mysql ini file lol. Also I took out tow and lift and the problem became manageable. Hope that helps!
  14. Thanks guys. Mathew did u find out what mod caused it? We only have heli lift, and self blood bag in atm.
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