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  1. Thanks for releasing that to the community!
  2. I had Survival Servers and GTX. To make a long story short I left Survival and went to GTX for a short time. Got pissed on by GTX worse than any provider that I ever had. I've went back to Survival Servers. Their support somewhat used to suck but has seemed to change recently. GTX support was always just excuse after excuse just replying to support tickets,just to make you think they were fixing the problem and took too long to actually get fixed. I'll never go back to GTX nor will I ever recommend them to anyone! GTX control panel was down almost every day while I was there. They are garbage.
  3. From my RPT: ErrorMessage: File mpmissions\DayZ_Epoch_11.Chernarus\EpochMods\Cfg\defines.hpp, line 45: .RscButton: Member already defined. I haven't messed with it and I'm using the one that came with the download yesterday.
  4. Bilco


    I second that.
  5. I put in a support ticket explaining that I was using PBO's from a previous provider and never had problems there and that's where they told me that was the problem and that PBO's from other providers could not be used. I went ahead and rented a server with another provider to prove a point and guess what, it worked. Definitely a problem on the GTX side of the house...
  6. This is where I don't think my issue is the launcher. I have a test server as well that is locked. For several days it had just the mod on it, no additions. I load the mission and server PBO's onto that server from my overpoch server and I get the same result where it shows up as overwatch. I don't see any errors in my RPT. It's just weird to me that it only happens when I load the PBO's. If I wipe my test server and just install the mod, it will go back to normal and can be seen on the launcher immediately.
  7. The title says it all and hoping I can get some help cause I'm stumped. I recently switched server providers to GTXGaming. I loaded up my server and mission PBO's and all went well. Everything showed up on dayz launcher just fine with the IP and dayz overwatch (0.2.5) | dayz epoch ( under the server name. A few hours later, it changes to where epoch falls off. I did put in a support ticket but they only told me that it's a launcher problem which I highly doubt since it worked with my previous provider. Any Ideas?
  8. Those addons are public release. They simply provide a service to those who are too lazy, don't have the time, or don't know how to do it.
  9. Yes it was. In fact, I have already contacted them and they are aware that this has been posted.
  10. Here are mine. With the 107 ammo you can see the difference between mine and yours. ["10Rnd_127x99_M107",1] <----Mine ["10Rnd_127x99_m107",1] <----Yours Now with the SCAR ammo I saw no difference so not sure. ["20Rnd_762x51_B_SCAR",1] <----Mine ["20Rnd_762x51_B_SCAR",1] <----Yours With that being said, I have no problems with mine and I get no errors like you do so not sure what else you could be doing wrong if anything. You're welcome to copy mine and see if that works.
  11. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/ArmA_2:_Weapons#Vehicle_.26_Static_Weapons https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/ArmA_2:OA_and_DLC_Weapons http://www.armatechsquad.com/ArmA2Class151656165165341654165165165165f/index.php http://dayzepoch.com/forum/index.php?/topic/73-epoch-v101-item-list/ There you go.
  12. There is possibly an easier way. Find this in you init file: // DayZ Epoch config spawnShoremode = 1; // Default = 1 (on shore) spawnArea= 1500; // Default = 1500 dayz_MapArea = 14000; // Default = 10000 dayz_minpos = -1; dayz_maxpos = 16000; Then add: //Non destructable bases DZE_GodModeBase = true; Looks Like this: // DayZ Epoch config spawnShoremode = 1; // Default = 1 (on shore) spawnArea= 1500; // Default = 1500 dayz_MapArea = 14000; // Default = 10000 dayz_minpos = -1; dayz_maxpos = 16000; //Non destructable bases DZE_GodModeBase = true;
  13. Who's your provider? Most already come with BEC. You just need to set it up.
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